777 Partners acquired Air Black Box

777 Partners acquires Air Black Box

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Acquires to create efficiencies and drive revenue in areas that have not optimized in Air Black Box

777 Partners, an investment firm that specializes in unique high-growth investments, have acquired air Black Box.

The acquisition of Air Black Box adds to the firm’s portfolio of pioneering companies in the aviation sector. By equipping its portfolio companies with proprietary back-end operational technology, 777 Partners creates efficiencies that support the commercial success and scaling of each business.

The Air Black Box platform is the first system to provide seamless capability for airlines to network and cross-sell with each other, regardless of carrier type or PSS platform. The platform is built upon Air Black Box’s patent-protected “managed” interlining technology, which sits at the core of travel supplier distribution channels and helps airlines increase conversions and revenues by creating product and service combinations that meet passenger needs for flexibility and frictionless travel.

Commercial success

“Air Black Box’s expert team and technology platform fits our criteria for investing in disruptive aviation companies that create efficiencies and drive revenue in areas that haven’t been fully optimized,” says Juan Arciniegas, a Principal of 777 Partners. “In aviation’s evolving global marketplace, their technology plays a key role in achieving our shared vision for an airline industry that is more agile, flexible, and profitable for all stakeholders.”

Ian Reyner, CEO of Air Black Box stated, “Our technology was built to overcome long-standing issues in how airlines connect and sell their inventory across their networks and drive new revenues as a result. Through our relationship with 777 Partners, we can now bring our solution to more airlines and a broader segment of the travel industry. We have already proven that our approach is more cost-effective and less complex than traditional distribution networks, and that we can help travel brands expand their reach and sell more products. And for passengers, our technology enables more seamless and efficient journeys, especially when they self-connect”



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