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Apple stops its sale of iPhone SE, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6s plus in India.

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A change in the retail strategy 

A change has been made to Apple India retail strategy as they want to encourage the sale of iPhones in the Indian market. However, the market is currently dominated by all the old model of iPhone for number of years. All these phones comes under the category of low cost smartphones such as iPhone SE and iPhone 6s which are currently produced in India. 

According to the latest reports, Apple has stopped selling their old iPhones which includes iPhone SE, 6 Plus, and 6s in the India. The supplies of all these models are stopped in June. iPhone 6s will now be the new entry level phone for all the apple users. 

The distributers and Apple’s sale team have been advised to the traders as soon as the stock of existing iPhone SE and iPhone 6 generation completely drained, that iPhone 6s will be the only lower end model in the line of apple’s distribution. This will help Apple to bring change the entry level customer which will be using iPhone 6s.

iPhone 6s “now made in India”

The price of the respective iPhone in the Indian market for iPhone SE was sold at Rs 21,000, while, the iPhone 6s at Rs 29,500. However, in May, Apple iPhone 6s was tagged as “now made in India” which was priced at 26,910. 

Apple seems to be all prepared to launch its iPhone XS and iPhone XR which will the Indian made version of the phones. This brings some change in the line of production as the current generation of the phones will also be prepared locally. This simply means that the company wants to focus on the latest generation of the iPhones which will change the market situation. 

Currently, iPhone 7 is assembled by Wistron which is a Taiwan based manufacturer and is exported to the European market. 

Apple’s first owned stored in India

All these efforts are made by the Apple to re-establish themselves in the market as a premium device producer in India. This new report seems to be the part of the plan. One of the few steps which will bring the change in the market is to cut down all the smaller stores in the country who are working as resellers. This also means the finally the country will gets its first Apple-owned stores. 

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