COVID-19 Lockdown

Australia starts the COVID-19 Lockdown which could last 6 Months

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Rapid spread of the COVID-19

With the rapid spread of the ever-threatening coronavirus pandemic, all countries around the world are imposing preventive measures such as lockdowns. Australia is no exception as it is set to enter a period of lockdown for at least 6 months. The Prime Minister and the Treasurer of Australia said in a joint press conference that the ‘draconian’ measures will last at least six months. After the initial slow rate of infection, the disease has picked up pace. As of now, over 3000 cases have been found positive in Australia with 13 people losing their lives. 

The Draconian Measures

All the non-essential services and businesses in the country will close down. This includes restaurants, cafes, pubs, and other non-essential retail. Domestic travel will also be restricted to all non-essential trips. “There will be no more going to the pub after work, no more going to the gym in the morning and no more sitting down for brunch at a café,” said Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison. 

Despite calls to practice social distancing, some Australians ignored the warnings with thousands flocking to Bondi Beach and frequenting restaurants and bars in the recent days. “If people simply behave as normal, if they don’t take this seriously, if they act selfishly, then people will die. I can’t be clearer than that,” said Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews. 

Announcement of a Stimulus Package

The federal government of Australia is going to fund the economy with a package of $66 billion. This package aims to cushion the blows to households as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and increase Australia’s safety net. Through this package, people with financial distress will be able to use their superannuation to help get them through the crisis, people on welfare will get extra payments, businesses will be given incentives and cash flow to ensure they can stay afloat. Furthermore, laws will also be changed to stop businesses going bankrupt. 

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