AUM Bio Sciences

AUM Biosciences licenses the global rights for a novel anti-cancer drug

ETC-206 is a potential anti-cancer drug which may revolutionize the cancer treatment. AUM Biosciences (AUM), a Singapore based oncology-focused biotechnology firm, has recently licensed its first novel and highly selective ...
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111, Inc. and Manulife-Sinochem collaborate to Establish Online Pharmacy + Health Insurance Model

The collaboration will combine the commercial insurance offerings and health management services by both the partners. 111, Inc., a China-based leading integrated online and offline healthcare platform, has announced to ...
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health care facilities

India falls short in delivering proper health care facilities, even in 2018

The healthcare services in India have always been a major concern for its ever-increasing population. It continues to fall short in providing quality care, healthcare facilities, medical supplies and financial ...
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Marijuana Research

Ratan Tata to Invest in a Mumbai Based Marijuana Research Startup

Bombay Hemp Company (Boheco), the first startup in the country is going to study the medical use of cannabis in partnership with the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR). ...
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Fortis Healthcare about to raise $790m

With a market value of about $1.3 billion, Fortis Healthcare is about to raise $790m. On a search for a cash injection of $790 million, as part of Fortis Healthcare’s ...
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In this study, the researchers studied the hearts of 53 adults aged 45-64 who were healthy but had no history of regular exercise.

Regular Exercise at Middle age can reverse heart risk with exercise, study

A study, published in the journal Circulation says that people into late middle age can reverse or reduce the risk of heart failure by exercising. But this exercise includes two ...
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Amazon to get into the pharmaceutical business, rumor or reality?

There are rumors that Amazon wants to get into the pharmaceutical business. Everyone, including providers, and insurers are among those closely watching for signs of online giants getting into the ...
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