Hitachi Launched TWX-21 with the help of JAGGAER

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Hitachi launched TWX-21 to promote advanced procurement processes with installation of JAGGAER’s S2C Application Suite

Hitachi, Ltd. and JAGGAER announced that they signed a distribution agreement for JAGGAER’s Source to Contract “S2C” Application Suite. JAGGAER is a leading U.S. company in the strategic sourcing application market, supporting digitalization of the S2C process from supplier survey through estimation, negotiation and contracting.

Hitachi launches the TWX-21 Source to Contract service with the help of JAGGAER’s S2C Application Suite with an installation support service utilizing Hitachi’s expertise. Hitachi provides the JAGGAER’s S2C Application Suite, which has supplier’s management functions such as assessment and development of suppliers, and sourcing management functions such as creating estimation and contracts. Hitachi supports strategic procurement activities to establish more highly competitive value chains, by unifying procurement processes of the S2C, which has been individually optimized, and sharing knowledge throughout the company.

Customer support and service via advanced procurement processes

To survive in a highly competitive global market, procurement departments need to promote strategic activities from aspects such as stable supplies and risk assessment, in addition to reducing fundamental procurement costs. While the digitalized P2P range of the procurement processes is in widespread use, the S2C range has not advanced as rapidly. In most cases, the S2C range is independently optimized within the procurement departments of each country and region or even by individuals, and it is a challenge related to accumulating process knowledge within the overall global company groups, establishing more highly competitive value chains.

Over many years, Hitachi has implemented procurement process reforms, establishing and applying standards for its procurement department business processes, as well as the globally unified system within the Hitachi Group.

Hitachi continues to expand and strengthen the TWX-21 service and support customers’ strategic global management with its advanced procurement processes by meeting customers’ needs and business process challenges.

Robert Bonavito, CEO, JAGGAER said that they want that customers in the Asia region, including Japan, will be able to accelerate digital transformation, and improve procurement processes through adopting the “TWX – 21 Source to Contract service” in combination with Hitachi’s Installation expertise and JAGGAER’s S2C Application Suite.

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