Smart Privacy Glass

Smart Privacy Glass: The Biggest Innovation in Glass Technology in Over 1,000 Years

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Smart Privacy Glass Offers Privacy, Security, Soundproofing, and Flexibility in a Single Solution

Smart privacy glass is revolutionizing the way people use glass. For centuries, glass has been the same, a product that has taken for granted in our daily lives. Now, switchable glass technology is making ordinary glass extraordinary with enhanced privacy, security, soundproofing, and control in a single solution. In addition to being practical, smart glass offers unprecedented design freedom and creates a modern, minimalist look.

Instant Privacy

Smart glass and film go from clear to frost in a fraction of a second, providing privacy on demand and allowing openness and privacy to co-exist in a single space.

Keep Outside Out and Conversations Inside

Smart Privacy Glass is suitable for hurricane zones, providing the benefits of security and silence built into one product at no extra cost.

Panic Button

Smart glass adds an invisible layer of security to schools, government buildings, and other vulnerable areas in case of an emergency.

Eco-friendly and Energy-Efficient

Smart glass blocks 99% of UV and 67% IR light, which is a source of heat gain. It can be combined with two-way mirrors, to see the world and not be seen, and self-tinting glass to further enhance performance.

Instant Impact and a Modern Look

Smart Glass instantly modernizes any space and gives it a “wow” factor. Switchable glass walls make an impact in conference rooms by doubling as a whiteboard or projection screen.

Health & Safety

By replacing traditional curtains with a cutting-edge, maintenance-free solution, smart glass eliminates the opportunity for germs to accumulate. Electric glass can be controlled contactless via a wall switch, remote, smartphone, or voice command and cleaned just as easily and frequently as ordinary glass. Antimicrobial coatings can be added to hospitals, clinics, and long-term care centers.


Smart glass can be customized to contain switchable logos, patterns, or artistic designs. When frosted, it can even be used as a projection TV screen to turn a house into a festive wonderland during the holidays.

Transform Any Piece of Glass Into Switchable Glass

Any type of glass can be turned into smart glass. Smart glass is installed just like regular glass by any glazier. Smart film is applied to existing glass with a simple, do-it-yourself installation style, instantly transforming it into a switchable glass.

As the demands of our spaces change and technologies evolve, so must common architectural elements like glass. Get in touch with Smart Privacy Glass to learn more about this breakthrough product that is pushing the limits of what glass can do.

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