SSG’s Threshold in Hawaii Offers Promising Aspects for APAC Market

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Key Highlights:

  • SSG announced its new office opening in Hawaii as a strategic move to abridge time-zone barrier between US and APAC regions
  • The company opted for Hawaii due to its beneficial aspects
  • The company further targets to establish its status as market leaders in the APAC region

Hyper-localization Focus on APAC Growth

For years, the time zone difference between the US and the APAC region have stood as a contributing factor towards the instability in the trade market of the two regions respectively. Various companies have attempted to extend their bandwidth by extending networking across the US region for proliferative purposes and extended business. Many APAC-based companies have tried to move and establish their networks overseas for broaden their business networking strategies and inculcate foreign policies for advanced business operations.

Setting offices and headquarters have been beneficial at some point of time, however, the difference in time zones have affected the communications. With due course of time, the communication error has been dealt with through technological and networking advancements. Pursuing similar motives, Selling Simplified Group, Inc. announced its latest branch extension in Hawaii, as an attempt to abridge the time difference between US and APAC regions.

Abridging Time-Zone Barrier

On 24 June, Selling Simplified Group, Inc. (SSG) announced the opening of an office in Oahu, Hawaii. The strategic move was a threshold to bridge the gap between the US and APAC time zones. The company further aims to establish its reputation as market leaders in the Asia-Pacific region.

Following the announcement, Lauren Whife, recently appointed to VP of Operations—will be relocating to Hawaii to run global operations—stated, “This is a very unique position for us. We’ve built really amazing teams for data and delivery in APAC and the US, and having this kind of access to both regions during a pandemic allows us to more fully support our clients.”

Extending Networking in APAC region

During the early 2021, SSG had established a new office in Tokyo. Following its opening of new office, SSG leaders asserted the needs of a strategic way to support the Japanese market and other APAC clients. As Hawaii proved to be beneficial in logical ways with strategic locations and higher concentration of Japanese talent and native-language speakers, the company opted it for their latest office.

Lauren further added that, “We considered Hawaii as it was right between mainland US and APAC, making the time zone optimal and the chance of finding Japanese speakers high. This could truly be an operations hub for Selling Simplified, with its ability to support both US and APAC clients.”

Motive Behind Relocation to Hawaii

According to Lauren, Selling Simplified is positioned strongly as demand gen market leaders in APAC. “It’s a very exciting time for SSG, and we would not have this opportunity without the growth we’ve seen over the last 18 months,” she added. Furthermore, SSG’s operation in Oahu promises boosting employment for locals—many of whom come directly from the tourism industry—who lost their jobs due to the pandemic.

According to the COO and co-founder of SSG, Jag Sidhu, the company is trying to employ talent at the local level and focusing on native-language speakers. By doing so, SSG has been able to penetrate historically closed markets and continue flourishing amidst a global level pandemic. The move to Hawaii emphasizes the company’s hyper-localization strategy and focus on APAC growth, providing the region with rich, in-language data.

Getting into Japan with the pandemic right now is impossible. Trying to set up an operation there through COVID is equally impossible,” said Sidhu. “So we needed to establish our presence in Japan and service it in a local way. The benefit of having native-language speakers in Hawaii is that we can understand the market, and that makes our data much better.

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