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Blockchain technology is one of the disruptive technologies that has been influencing in diverse industries. This technology is helping enterprises in developing enhanced and effective business solutions, which is downplaying traditional business solutions. Acting as a helping hand to organizations for managing their business operations, 1.21GWS (1point21gws) is offering business-related solutions that are powered by blockchain, automation, and AI, analytics and big data, and many more. The name of the company is inspired by the all-time hit time-travel movie “Back To The Future”. In this movie, the protagonists required 1.21 GWs of power to move in time. Hence, 1.21GWS provides the ‘right’ knowledge and content needed to build the world for the future. It is a wellspring for the latest tech content and upcoming technology.

1.21GWS is a technology-consulting firm with a mission to help clients to grow their business to one billion dollars in two years. It utilizes optimal technologies with the business process to accomplish clients’ desired outcomes. Since its inception, the company has been creating an online marketplace, connecting clients to find the perfect solution for their IT service requirements based on a B2B model. Its clients come from diverse industries like Financial Services, Insurance and Superannuation, IT and Telecommunications, Government, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Utilities and Energy, Supply Chain and Logistics, Healthcare and Retail. It is aiding organizations with their digital transformation to enhance customer satisfaction, upsurge revenue, and bring in operational efficiency through Automation (RPA, cognitive and AI).

Offering Unique and Technologically Superior Services

As the go-to source for the latest tech content and emerging technology, 1.21GWS has strong expertise in Digital Transformation, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Neural Networks, Computer Vision, Intelligent processes Automation via RPA, DevOps, Test Automation to achieve Continuous Delivery, and Analytics CoE.

It leverages the aforementioned technologies to develop a business solution for enterprises and individuals. The consulting corporation has developed two services for enterprises: Robotic process automation (RPA) consulting services and AI consulting services. In the RPA consulting service, 1.21GWS levels up its clients’ business process automation via RPA/IPA (Intelligent Process Automation). The IPA streamlines the business process, manipulate and/or manage existing applications and make rules-based decisions as a person would make. In the AI consulting service, the business process automation company is developing innovative products related to computer vision, generative modeling, natural language processing, predictive analytics, etc. In all, it is helping in accelerating the industrialization of software robotic technologies.

Growth of Blockchain Technology in the APAC Market

Due to its extensive adoption among a range of industries, there has been significant growth in the blockchain market of the Asia Pacific region, which is caused by the increase in the number of investments in blockchain-based companies.

Nitesh Naveen, who is the Managing Director of 1.21GWS says, “Blockchain technology is growing rapidly not only in the West but also in the Asian countries too.” He also believes that blockchain adoption is proliferating in international trade and commerce, money transfer, and policy management, fraud detection, and document management in businesses with geographically dispersed stakeholders. To bring blockchain to a broader audience, it has to be endorsed by the government to enforce regulatory frameworks in digital payments, banking, insurance, pharma sectors, etc.

Such a scenario is encouraging the development of this leading-edge technology and accelerating the blockchain adoption among various industry verticals. As a community gives a platform for industry collaboration, 1.21GWS connects with the diverse blockchain experts to review potential opportunities, challenges and exciting possibilities in innovation and disruption that can be leveraged using blockchain technology. To educate individuals about emerging technologies, it has held conferences related to technologies such as Blockchain, AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, RPA, Testing, etc. Through these conferences and market insights, the company observed that global consumers are more demanding and expect perfection from solutions providers. Therefore, businesses from the APAC region are catching up due to their uniquely young and tech-curious population.

Standing out from the Crowd of Competitors

In this digital era, the rapid technological advancements are making it difficult for organizations to keep up with emerging trends and to continuously strive to provide their customers with the most cutting-edge approaches. If a company wants to stand out from its competitors, then it needs to adopt the changes as quickly as possible. To achieve this, 1.21GWS has developed a methodology that they follow while developing solutions for clients. This methodology is divided into four parts: Innovation, Strategy, Proactiveness, and Hard Work. The company utilizes emerging technologies to develop innovative solutions. Through pro-activeness and hard work, the company has achieved growth and basked in success. As a consulting agency, it provides strategies to increase business via multiplying the revenue, enhancing the brand and customer reach-out.

A Multi-Task Leader with Extensive Experience

Nitesh has 10+ years of experience in building bootstrapped companies. In his early years of educational life, Nitesh was major influenced by his parents and teachers whom he was interacting with. The emerging technologies always attracted the dynamic MD’s mind and today made him a crucial part of the business landscape which is bridging the gap between the industry and practitioners.

As the Managing Director of 1.21GWS, Nitesh administrates numerous domains like Digital Transformation (end to en), RPA Strategy for Excellence, Blockchain Consulting, Analytics COE,  Agile & DevOps Consulting, Test Automation consulting, Marketing Strategy, Sales Strategy, Growth Strategy, and P&L Management. And together with his team, Nitesh believes in “Transforming Thoughts to Accelerate Success”.

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