How Max Engagement Through IG Story Polls & Questions

Instagram now lets you te­ll stories and involve people­ more. Stories don’t last long but people­ notice them. Knowing how people­ use Instagram is important. Instagram polls and questions help ...
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What To Look For In A VOIP Provider

What To Look For In A VOIP Provider

When looking for the best fit VOIP provider for your organization’s needs, it is essential to research all available options thoroughly and evaluate based on criteria such as reliability, pricing ...
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LinkedIn adds Hindi

LinkedIn adds Hindi with the aim to reach 500 million people

Key Highlights: LinkedIn said on Dec 1 that it has begun to roll out Hindi support on its social network. Despite the fact that India is a large market for ...
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5G war

Australia to not share sensitive technology with China

Key highlights: Australia has announced plans to protect dozens of key technology from foreign meddling. In response to security recommendations, the Turnbull government prohibited both Huawei and ZTE from Australia’s ...
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Catalyzing Rural Development

Elon Musk’s Starlink Registers India units, to Focus on Catalyzing Rural Development

On 1 Nov 2021, Elon Musk’s Starlink registered its enterprise in India. The firm is planning to launch web companies throughout the country in accordance with the corporate paperwork filed ...
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Networking Platform for Female Athletes

AFL launches Industry-first Networking Platform for Female Athletes

Key Highlights: Workplay is a brand-new career and networking platform for female athletes in both sports and business The AFL is committed to investing in women’s sport for long-term growth ...
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Apricot Undersea Cable

Facebook and Google’s Apricot Undersea Cable to Link APAC Region

Key Highlights: Apricot is the joint partnership venture of Google and Facebook The submarine system will connect major regions of the APAC region to provide improved internet connectivity demands It ...
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Tata Communications

Tata Communications Reveals IZO’s Financial Cloud Platform in India

Key Highlights: IZO’s Financial Cloud platform is blueprint to meet rigorous data protection requirements. It also improves user experience through BFSI’s ability to deliver innovative, dynamic solutions. Tata Communications is ...
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Lunar Lake

Lunar Lake Converging with Linux 5.15 for Networking Endorse in Intel

Key Highlights: Linux Driver Code for Lunar Lake One of the top outlets for those who wish to use something on their computer. In addition to Windows, Intel’s timely open-source/Linux support ...
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SSG’s Threshold in Hawaii Offers Promising Aspects for APAC Market

Key Highlights: SSG announced its new office opening in Hawaii as a strategic move to abridge time-zone barrier between US and APAC regions The company opted for Hawaii due to ...
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6G communications technology

Japan Collaborates with Finland for 6G Networking Research

Key Highlights: Industrial groups from Japan and Finland collaborated to conduct research and development programs on 6G communications technology The initiative aims to lead creations of 6G standards in the ...
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Google Arts & Culture

Google Arts & Culture To Celebrate 20 years of Human Life on The ISS

Important Milestone in Human Space Exploration Google Arts & Culture has recently announced a new online celebration of the 20th Anniversary of humans living and working on the International Space ...
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