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Lunar Lake Converging with Linux 5.15 for Networking Endorse in Intel

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Key Highlights:

  • Gen 12.9 or Gen13 exist included as one area in Lunar Lake.
  • The initial component of the “-next” LINUX 5.15 code was the e1000e driver’s changes that continue mentioned in March.
  • If the Linux 5.12 merge window is terminating, e1000e modifications in the Linux 5.13 network are probably in line.

Linux Driver Code for Lunar Lake

One of the top outlets for those who wish to use something on their computer. In addition to Windows, Intel’s timely open-source/Linux support for desktop, mobile, and server platforms. Intel started upstreaming its Rocket Lake Linux enabling code a year ago, and Alder Lake swiftly followed it. Which Is expect that will see inauguration before the end of the calendar year. By the end of 2020, the initial support for Meteor Lake had already been developed by Intel’s developers, while by the end of Q1’2021, patches were already starting to emerge from Lunar Lake. So, the Meteor Lake’s replacement, and would be Intel’s 14th Gen customer CPUs.

Before 2023, the launch of kernel patches is probably improbable before Intel’s Lunar Lake chips. Work has started with the Lunar Lake driver updates. This is a modest modification, but the Lunar Lake platform has already started to work for Linux. Because facts about Lunar Lake are still scant, the rest of the Linux fixes will be intriguing to see materialized. It is asserted that Lunar Lake included Gen12.9 or Gen13 as one region. Everyone is looking out and watching what is concede in the Linux activation.

When the Linux 5.12 merge window is ceasing, e1000e changes to the network will likely be in the queue. So, for Linux 5.13, and anyone can see when other code might work out in the months before Linux 5.13.

Lunar Lake With the e1000e Driver

Lunar Lake will succeed Meteor Lake, while Meteor Lake will follow the next Alder Lake. Intel Linux programmers have previously flown much of the Alder Lake enabling code. And squared that while we saw some Meteor Lake Linux work, too. There are already the first steps to support the open-source driver of Lunar Lake at their punctuality.

The first parts that were found in the “-next” code for LINUX 5.15 abide by the modifications mentioned back in March for the e1000e driver. Just some fundamental changes are necessary with new IDs for Lunar Lake to work. So, on the same code paths as Tiger Lake/Alder Lake/meteor lake with this driver. There was also a related patch merged. So, that support for Lunar Lake now lives on the net before 5.15 successfully.

Lunar Lake information is yet slender. Although everyone should be able to witness the most fascinating patch of Linux support with time. For now, though, at least admittedly Intel continues to support punchy open-source support on its steep trajectory. With most components typically appearing well ahead of hardware launches.

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