Agriculture Startups in India

Top 5 Agriculture Startups in India in 2024

Did you know that by 2025, the market of agriculture startups in India is expected to grow to a value of 24.1 billion? Furthermore, Indian agriculture startups foster sustainable development ...
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Japan’s Economy

5 Inspirational Business Strategies Shaping Japan’s Economy in 2024

Japan, also known as the Asian Giant, recently lost its crown as the world’s third-largest economy, as Germany surpassed it. Japan is now behind the US, China, and Germany. However, ...
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Startup Ecosystem

The Startup Ecosystem: Challenges, Opportunities, and Trends in Different Industries

Key Takeaways: Did you know that the global startup ecosystem is booming, with India alone registering over 100,000 new startups in 2023? The startup ecosystem is booming with innovation, creativity, ...
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Employee Productivity

Unlocking Employee Potential: The Power of Productivity Monitoring

In the dynamic landscape of modern workplaces, where efficiency and effectiveness are paramount, organizations are constantly seeking ways to enhance employee performance. One powerful tool that has gained prominence in ...
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Boost the Confidence of Your Restaurant Staff

How to Boost the Confidence of Your Restaurant Staff

If you run a restaurant, you need to make sure that your staff is confident at all times, or else you might find that your business suffers and that your ...
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Startup Companies in India

10 Pioneering Startup Companies in India to Draw Inspiration from in 2024

Did you know that India is home to over 99,000 startups, making it the world’s startup hub? If you are a student aspiring to be an entrepreneur, you might be ...
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Google Gemini: The In-Depth Analysis You’ve Been Waiting For

To all the creative minds, tech enthusiasts, and knowledge-hungry students out there, have you ever imagined a tech revolution tailored just for you? Well, it’s here with Google Gemini. Born ...
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Profitable Business Ideas

From Concept to Commerce: A Guide to Discovering Profitable Business Ideas

Embarking on the journey from a mere concept to a flourishing business is a thrilling endeavor. The entrepreneurial landscape is teeming with opportunities for those who possess the vision to ...
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Quotes about Startup

15 Inspirational Quotes about Startups to scale up your entrepreneurship

Handling a startup is like planting a sapling. You have to invest time and money with the risk of expecting less in return. However, once your startup blossoms up, then ...
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Amazon IHS programme 

Local stores to expand: Amazon ‘I Have
Space’ (IHS) programme 

Amazon IHS programme has helped many small scale businesses in this pandemic with over 28,000 neighbourhood and grocery stores in nearly 350 towns and cities in India. Surviving the business ...
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Top 3 Things to Know about Twitter
Alternative Koo

Another Made in India initiative, Koo, is offering an alternative to the US-based micro-blogging site Twitter. The App was launched in March 2020 and was founded by a Bangalore-based start-up, ...
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next-gen EV battery

GM working on next-gen EV battery tech
with ‘all the best startups’

As part of a $27 billion initiative to match or surpass Tesla Inc. in the electric vehicle sector, General Motors Co. is working with “all the best startups”. They have ...
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