SAP S/4HANA and SQL Server Integration

Maximizing the Value of Your Data with SAP S/4HANA and SQL Server Integration

Introduction In today’s fast-paced business environment, organizations are constantly looking for ways to gain a competitive edge by leveraging their data. One way to do this is through the integration ...
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A Guide to Automating Mobile App Testing on Cloud Appium

According to Statista research, nearly 230 billion mobile applications will have been downloaded globally by 2022, up from about 140 billion in 2016. The sector is growing at an unstoppable ...
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A Comprehensive Guide to Cloud Architecture

In today’s digital age, the rapid evolution of technology has given rise to the importance of cloud architecture in the IT field. These tech experts are the masterminds behind the ...
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Equinix data centre

Equinix introduces a New Data Centre in Australia

Key Highlights: Equinix launches PE3 data centre in Perth The primary objective of this launch is – strengthening the trade gateway between Australia, the APAC region, and the Middle East. ...
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Amazon Launches its AWS re/Start Program to Skill People in Cloud Computing

Key Highlights: AWS re/Start is a skill-based program to train and develop people’s cloud skills and practical career skills The program is free of charge and does not require any ...
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Cloud-based Operations

Benefits of transforming On-Premises Call Centers to Cloud-based Operations

Key Highlights: What is a Cloud Contact Center? A cloud contact center is a unified solution that centralizes customer communications across multiple channels, including voice, email, chat, text messages, social ...
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Cloud Transformation

Ausgrid Partners with Infosys and Microsoft to Accelerate Cloud Transformation

Key Highlights Ausgrid ‘deepened’ strategic relationships with Infosys and Microsoft to expand a Cloud Transformation program. Successful implementation of the program will help to improve the reliability of the network ...
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Google Cloud

Google Cloud Bids a Clone to Modify Google’s Product Reputation

Key Highlights: Google’s cloud platform asks firms and developers to build a Google cloud-based product and service. Analyst Group Canalys ranked Google below its leading market supplier Microsoft Azure and ...
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Cloud Computing

Can Cloud Computing Transform the Company’s Future?

Key Highlights: – Analysts are predicting compound annual growth rates in the cloud computing business by 25%. – Cloud expenses will be crucial to business continuity and will be driven ...
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cloud region

Google announces its 2nd cloud region in India

Key Highlights: – Google has revealed intentions to establish a second Cloud region in India. – In 2017, Google introduced the Mumbai area. – Google’s existing network will be expanded ...
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IBM Cloud Marketing Strategy 

India’s Leading Biscuit Brand Parle Opts for IBM Cloud Marketing Strategy 

Key Highlights: – Parle announces partnership with IT major IBM for innovative marketing strategies – Parle will leverage IBM technologies and hybrid cloud services and AI – The work is ...
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Cloud Computing

IBM’s ‘NewCo’ to offer new age Cloud Computing & AI

IBM is pulling off 19 billion USD of its business to focus on cloud computing. The 109 company is detaching it’s managed infrastructure services unit into a new public company ...
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