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Google launches Stadia cloud gaming service

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To enter into competition for the cloud gaming market

Internet Giant, Google has launched its stadia cloud service that allows people to play console-quality video games in the web browser or on the smartphone. Stadia cloud service plays into a trend in which content can be access from any device or can connect USB devices to computer or TV.

The report says that Stadia’s outlook is uncertain as to its faces challenges such as PlayStation in an emerging and highly competitive market. Google had built a large number of data centers across the globe; the company believes that Stadia is in a better position for cloud gaming compared to past PlayStations.

In this market, Amazon has game studios but no online game service. Japan-based Sony also boosted the library of games PlayStation Now which users can access through its consoles on personal computers powered by Windows software. Sony and Microsoft are preparing to release new generations of video game consoles next year. These top companies are expanding their business in online gaming. Therefore, this is a great opportunity for Google to enter gaming on cloud service and access from anywhere.

To help people to play high-quality games

Google last month sold out of “Founder’s Edition” stadia kits, which are priced at $129. Each kit contains a Stadia controller and a pendant-shaped Chromecast Ultra wireless connection device that plugs into television sets. A roaming option is predicted, but when it will be available is not yet clear.

Stadia is using a home console on-screen response to joystick movements. It is taking less time in seconds to install on the console. Subscribers will be able to buy games that will be hosted at Google data centers, but some free games will be available to subscribers.

According to Ubisoft Senior Vice President of partnerships Chris Early, “These shortcomings, however, would be easily overlooked if Google can deliver a very reliable and high-quality game streaming service. Google appears committed to doing just that.”

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