Digital Worker Vs Bot

From Theory To Practice: Digital Worker Vs Bot In Your Workplace

The future of work is here, and it involves robotization. But with all the buzz around digital workers and bots, it’s easy to get confused. Are they the same? How ...
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15 Robotics Quotes to Showcase the Future of Mankind

Robotics has always fascinated us with its promise of creating machines capable of mimicking human actions and intelligence. Over the course of history, scientists, engineers, and thinkers have conveyed their ...
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15 Artificial Intelligence Quotes by Tech Experts

The 1950s witnessed significant technological advancements, starting with Alan Turing’s publication of “Computing Machinery and Intelligence,” which introduced the Turing Test—a method for evaluating computer intelligence. This test aimed to ...
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tech future

South Korea is testing robots in preschools to prepare youngsters for a high-tech future

Key Highlights: South Korea prepares children for the future Seoul’s administration announced the launch of a pilot initiative to assist educate young brains for a high-tech future. The robots are ...
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India’s DeepDraper Creates a 3D Avatar to Predict How Clothes Will Look on You

Key Highlights: DeepDraper to enhance Virtual Trials Virtual garment trials are the next big thing, and they have the potential to bring fashion and technology together. Deep-learning algorithms that can ...
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Reward and Recognition

Impact of AI on Reward and Recognition Platforms

Identifying individual aptitudes and rewarding your workforce is one of the best-proven strategies to drive employee productivity and retention. Reward and recognition platforms offer a seamless, automated process of spotting ...
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Singapore Robocop

Singapore’s Robocop to penalize bad human behavior

Key Highlights: A new AI-powered police robot called Xavier is patrolling the streets of Singapore in a trial to tackle petty offenses. According to the city, Xavier is intended to ...
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soft robot

‘Air-powered’ memory enables a soft robot to play Piano

Key Highlights: – A team of researchers successfully created an “air-powered” memory to operate a soft robot and play the piano. – Pneumatic features rely on air pressure to work ...
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3D AI News Anchor

Sogou Debuts World’s First 3D AI News Anchor

The avatar communicates visual and audio information and walks around during broadcast Sogou Inc., an innovator in search and a leader in China’s internet industry, jointly launched the world’s first ...
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Artemis Mission

Japan has Confirmed Its Participation in NASA’s Artemis Mission to Moon

The decision is made to strengthen diplomatic relations Japan has informed it will take part in NASA’s Lunar Gateway project. The mission is planned to set up orbital research and ...
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Dexta Robotics

Dexta Robotics Launches Much Awaited Gloves After 50 Iterations

Improving the quality of touch sensors, Dexta Robotics achieves the new touch sensation The world’s leading designer and manufacturer of interaction system, Dexta Robotics is officially launching Dexmo Enterprise Edition- the world’s first ...
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Huawei FusionServer pro

Huawei launches FusionServer pro intelligent servers

These next-generation x86 servers accelerate the intelligent transformation of data centers As the core driving force, the computing industry faces challenges in computing power and management. Featuring outstanding computing power ...
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