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Dexta Robotics Launches Much Awaited Gloves After 50 Iterations

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Improving the quality of touch sensors, Dexta Robotics achieves the new touch sensation

The world’s leading designer and manufacturer of interaction system, Dexta Robotics is officially launching Dexmo Enterprise Edition- the world’s first wireless force feedback gloves that integrate both motion capture and force feedback capacities. It enables wearers to perform real-life actions with their full-hand dexterity in virtual world. Sophisticated designed sensors allow people to feel the size, shape and stiffness of virtual objects. Futuristic personalities are recognizing this as one-step closer to the full-immersion in VR. This will also radically improve the quality of virtual training.

The next touch towards reality

Dexmo will enable users to realistically feel the sensation of flipping a switch, chopping vegetables, pressing a button or turning a knob, and other complex hand interactions.

  • Its rotational sensors read hand movement and regenerate a comprehensive virtual hand model to maintain it perfectly sync with the hand movement of the user, enabling users to nearly use their hands.
  • When interacting with virtual objects, our interaction engines calculates the magnitude and vector of force and the force-feedback devices apply force to the fingertips of the user, imitating the push-back from actual objects.
  • Now its possible to extend the touch sensation from the real world into the virtual world simply by putting Dexmo on.
  • For example, when one uses this in kitchen he/she can feel the things available there for real, like round shape bawls, knife, utensils, or even can turn the knob of gas. This is helpful for students involved in hotel industry/institutes or amateur kitchen visitors.

Aler Gu, founder and CEO of Dexta Robotics, said,” “Smartphones’ development was slow in the early days. The true era of smartphone came after iPhone and its revolutionary multi-touch interaction technology. It was so intuitive that even a five-year-old can operate without reading a manual. Current VR is comparable to the early stages of smartphones, where products are functional, but not user friendly enough. To help it go mainstream, we try our best to create an interaction system that is ‘stupid easy.” “”We eventually arrive at a dual-hand, highly immersive, low learning cost and lightweight portable force feedback glove Dexmo. We successfully pack five motors, 11 rotational sensors, a rechargeable battery, and a set of control systems into a unified body that weights only 290g and works wirelessly. This is a groundbreaking product in the interaction technology history,” he added.

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