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India’s Leading Biscuit Brand Parle Opts for IBM Cloud Marketing Strategy 

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Key Highlights:

  • – Parle announces partnership with IT major IBM for innovative marketing strategies
  • – Parle will leverage IBM technologies and hybrid cloud services and AI
  • – The work is designed to increase efficiencies in product management and marketing

The Partnership Will Help Parle Market Its Product at an Appropriate Time and Place.

The largest-selling biscuit brand in India, Parle Products, announces partnership with IT major IBM for technological support and for effective and productive marketing of their products. 

Announcing partnership with IBM on 22 April, FMCH Major Parle Products stated that they will leverage transformative hybrid cloud and AI capabilities to stimulate growth.

Parle and IBM’s collaboration

Parle and IBM’s collaboration

In a joint statement, the two companies informed that Parle will leverage IBM’s transformative hybrid cloud and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, along with its leading security and industry expertise with the tech major’s business consulting and technology services. 

“By working with IBM to accelerate our journey to the cloud and strengthen our security posture, we will work to uncover new ways to reduce time-to-market and streamline operations – a significant milestone for us,” said Ajay Chauhan, Executive Director, Parle Products.

Parle’s Long-standing Relationship with IBM

Managing Director of IBM India, Sandip Patel, stated the long-standing relationship with Parle, “IBM’s collaboration with Parle has brought in decades of industry and technology expertise to help realize their vision of ensuring the right products are made available in the market at the right time.”

“By leveraging the technologies like hybrid cloud and AI, underpinned by security, Parle will be well equipped to meet growing consumer demands, while security is at the forefront of their digital innovations,” he added.

Parle’s Opt for IBM Cloud Marketing Strategy

Parle will migrate SAP workloads to IBM Cloud in order to gain flexibility and scale to help meet rising consumer needs. Parle will be leveraging IBM’s deep industry expertise with IBM Global Business Services (GBS) and Global Technology Services (GTS) to host its workloads on IBM Cloud.

Simultaneously, IBM Cloud Marketing Strategy will work towards designing and managing AI-based supply chain based on its consulting and capabilities. With the intelligent AI-based supply chain, IBM will help design a critical KPIs-based performance management framework using IBM Watson Studio to measure and monitor the health of Parle’s business processes and their outcomes. Intelligent workflows will further fuel Parle’s agenda on appropriate product mix, faster planning and scheduling, and optimized supply chain costs.

This will help Parle to market their products, such as Parle-G which is currently world’s top selling biscuits by volume, at the appropriate time and place. 

By adapting hybrid cloud-based approach, Parle expects quick innovations and finding new methods to make ways into consumers’ homes post the covid pandemic. Through streamlining operations and achieving greater scalability to meet changing demands, Parle expects business growth in India and across its neighbourhood.

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