Netflix’s ‘Play Something’ to the rescue when you cannot decide what to watch

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Key Highlights:

  • The feature will play something based on the content you have previously watched
  • The feature can play up to 75 shows
  • Beta testing of the feature revealed that most people stuck with the first show or skipped to a few more
  • Currently available on the TV app

Play Something

Finding the perfect watch while having your meal or searching for that one web series that will keep you hooked to the screen till the end is a challenging task, provided there is a whole catalog to choose from. Often people spend more than hours exploring through a plethora of content on Netflix and they end up backing out. Since there is a lot to choose from, one also gets tired of deciding between two contents of the same context and ends up feeling hasty.

To solve this very problem, Netflix has come up with a great plan, the popular OTT video streaming platform has come up with a feature that will play an unfinished series or movie which you were previously watching or “you may want to revisit.”

  • ‘Play Something’ feature

Play Something

Globally popular OTT platform Netflix has been testing its ‘Play Something’ feature since 2020 as ‘Shuffle Play’. This new feature developed by Netflix will play a new series or movie based on the viewers’ tastes and preferences. It will also replay an unfinished tv series or movie which you were already watching or you may want to re-watch. Netflix is launching the feature on its TV app on a global level. It plans to launch the feature on the mobile apps later in 2021.

Director of Product Innovation of Netflix, Cameron Johnson elaborated that the ‘Play Something’ feature can play as much as 75 shows. Commenting on the beta tests, he said that most people during the test either hooked on to the first show or skipped to a few more.

  • Navigation of the ‘Play Something’ feature

You can find the ‘Play Something’ option under each profile name, on the tenth row on the homepage, and towards the left of the screen in the navigation menu. Once selected, Netflix will play any content according to your taste or similar to the content you were previously watching. It won’t show a film or series that you’ve already completed.

When the Play Something feature is turned on it will be indicated with a border on the screen, and the button on the right side. You can choose the ‘Play Something Else’ button to move on to the next series or movie. You can also drop out by normally selecting the exit button on the top left corner of the screen.

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  • Netflix’s Recommendations

Netflix’s Recommendations

Netflix has a variety of recommendations of shows and/or movies based on the content one is consuming. Commenting on the latest ‘Play Something’ feature, Johnson said, “I think the big thing to emphasize is when you click Play Something it will always play a show that you haven’t watched before. So, it’s designed for the moment when you want to watch something new. We know that if you want to watch the next episode of the show that you’re already excited about that’s generally very easy for people to do. But the moment where choosing is hard is when it’s something brand new. So right now, we have some further innovations to do to understand how much we should base that on how much you have watched before or how much variety we should include.”

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