Netmeds acquires KiViHealth to offer better healthcare solutions

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Acquisition of KiViHealth benefits NetMed’s portfolio for technology driven solutions

Pharmaceutical eCommerce portal Netmeds has acquired KiViHealth, a health tech start-up. The acquisition of KIVIHealth which was bought over for $10 million will help NetMEds to transform into a complete healthcare product and service company.

Pradeep Dadha Founder & CEO of stated, “We continue to develop a well-rounded healthcare eco-system around Netmeds. The acquisition of KiViHealth is a shining example of an innovative, technology powered, next-generation health care application that caters to the needs of a modern-day doctor. With this acquisition, adds to the portfolio of technology-driven solutions as it transforms the brand into a complete healthcare product and service company.”

Offering Cloud-based tools for effective doctor-patient interactions

KiviHealth’s healthcare management information system offers a cloud-based AI-powered tool for effective doctor-patient interactions. This tool not only helps store a health record for the benefit of the doctor and patient but also allows doctors to generate digital prescriptions. With the generation of digital prescriptions, there would be no confusions in the  medication or dosages prescribed to the patients. Along with that, the AI-based prescription management technology would function as a predictive analysis tool for healthcare stakeholders when they receive trends in the form of diagnosis of similar conditions in patients.

Bhanu Mahajan, Co-founder of KiViHealth stated, “KiviHealth has been well-received by the medical community which has embraced this new-age doctor/patient collaboration tool. is the perfect partner to help us achieve the scale that we believe is within our grasp.”

Providing an end-to-end management solution for digital clinics

The securing of KiViHealth would not just help NetMeds create a patient-centric digital healthcare management information system but would serve as a next generation online clinic which offers end-to-end clinic management solutions such as appointment booking module, patient engagement tools and billing solutions.

Rajandeep Singh Co-Founder of KiVi Health, stated, “Being under the aegis of one of the most trusted brands in e-healthcare space will inspire a greater level of confidence, accelerate our growth and help us achieve our vision of being a universal digital healthcare management platform.”

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