Huawei launches AI and Cloud Innovation Lab in Singapore

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Launch will help Huawei serve the Asia Pacific region

Huawei has announced that it has launched an artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud innovation lab along with the official launch of its cloud services in Singapore. The launch of Huawei’s AI and cloud innovation lab is also part of Huawei’s strategic foray into cloud services to serve Singapore and the Asia Pacific region. Furthermore, the AI and Cloud Innovation Lab is also a part of Huawei’s strategic launch of cloud services in Singapore so that they can serve the local public and private sectors. Additionally, this AI and Cloud Innovation Lab will also serve as a hub for various companies in the Asia Pacific region.

Edward Deng, President of Huawei Cloud Global Market, stated, “Singapore is an international center for innovation and also a strategic Hub for China-funded enterprises and overseas in the Asia Pacific region.”

Providing enterprises access to latest technology solutions

The AI and Cloud Innovation lab will give companies, academics, and government agencies in Singapore the accessibility to facilities such as cutting edge artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic solutions, intelligent digital twins or digital replicas of physical assets that can be used for various purposes. and artificial intelligence (AI) development kits in order to carry out research. As a result of the inclusion of these facilities in the AI and Cloud Innovation lab, the incorporation of these facilities will include an inclusive ecosystem that will foster top AI talent and incubate new areas of application.

Assisting Singapore to become a smart nation

Along with that, this AI and Cloud Innovation Lab will assist Singapore so that it enhances itself to become the first smart nation in the world in order to join a network of other open labs across the world where enterprises and government agencies will be able to test their ideas and technology with the support of Huawei and its network of partners.

Bringing together the ecosystem by inclusion of artificial intelligence

Huawei has made Artificial Intelligence a key element in its cloud services since large enterprises will use artificial intelligence and many cloud applications will rely on artificial intelligence in the future. This step by Huawei will not only accelerate the adoption of artificial intelligence but also bring together the different key members of the ecosystem such as Huawei that will provide powerful computing power and government agencies which will offer data and industry expertise.

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