From AI to ASI: A brief history of Intelligence

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This Millennium is clearly the age of a scientific revolution powered by Algorithms, Data, Deep thinking and Artificial Intelligence.

As categorized into three eras of artificial Intelligence we are now in the Artificial Narrow Intelligence ANI1

We shall grow to be in Artificial General Intelligence AGI in some years and after fifty or so years we will in Artificial Super intelligence ASI era, the age of the super Intelligence where AI is predicted to take over from Human Intelligence. And this is not from a Hollywood sci-fi script but scientific data.
Sigmund Freud proposed the theory of three layers of Consciousness: Id/Ego, Conscious and Sub-conscious. After the growing advancement and interdependence of man with Mixed Realities, we might develop a new layer of deep consciousness or a Virtual conscious, that which is awake and active in presence of AI interactions and Impacts. Think of the revolutions in the field of Psychology and Human Cognitive Evolution.

That might lead to more schools of human-bot relationship of TransHumans. Human uploading like Permutation City can change dynamics of virtual gaming experience or Immersive experience of films and this can lead to endless virtual worlds created by Humans and thereafter Humanoids.
If artificially programmed software can make us feel good and generate happiness the question of real triggers vs. artificial triggers may arise leading to artificial happiness. If our interactions are programmed with AI, our intellectual growth may diminish. Because here we will have something that does exactly what pleases us and exactly how we want it to. The very crux that differentiates humans from robots shall be a threat to humans.

Like conversations and emotions are now swiftly taken over by emojis, emoticons, gifs and virtual communications over real exchange of feelings or face to face confrontations, the human communications system and speech, hearing and visual expressions and understanding of facial expressions will change over time.
Three types of AI. There are several types of Artificial intelligence: ANI, AGI, and ASI. For now, AGI and ASI are Sci-Fi, and all existing AI is ANI (e.g. Googlebot)

AI Caliber 1) Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI): Sometimes referred to as Weak AI, Artificial Narrow Intelligence is AI that specializes in one area. There’s AI that can beat the world chess champion in chess, but that’s the only thing it does. Ask it to figure out a better way to store data on a hard drive, and it’ll look at you blankly.

AI Caliber 2) Artificial General Intelligence (AGI): Sometimes referred to as Strong AI, or Human-Level AI, Artificial General Intelligence refers to a computer that is as smart as a human across the board—a machine that can perform any intellectual task that a human being can. Creating AGI is a much harder task than creating ANI, and we’re yet to do it. Professor Linda Gottfredson describes intelligence as “a very general mental capability that, among other things, involves the ability to reason, plan, solve problems, think abstractly, comprehend complex ideas, learn quickly, and learn from experience.” AGI would be able to do all of those things as easily as you can.

AI Caliber 3) Artificial Superintelligence (ASI): Oxford philosopher and leading AI thinker Nick Bostrom defines superintelligence as “an intellect that is much smarter than the best human brains in practically every field, including scientific creativity, general wisdom and social skills.” Artificial Superintelligence ranges from a computer that’s just a little smarter than a human to one that’s trillions of times smarter—across the board. ASI is the reason the topic of AI is such a spicy meatball and why the words “immortality” and “extinction” will both appear in these posts multiple times.
– Tim Urban
Over a period of 25 years bracket all communications and expressions of emotions, feelings may be superseded by AI.Artificial Intelligence is now used to interpret and study human behavior to create and develop tools whereas in the very near future AI will study patterns to create more AI tools.

This Human-AI merger will soon be a take-over and the results can only be slightly predicted. AI will take over the authority of decision-making capacity of humans. So we become slaves of our inventions and thereby complete the paradox.

Unemployed To Unemployable

From driverless vehicles to bot assistants, virtual relationships, bot teachers and machines as our planners and constant companions, our life is on a virtual interdependence pill. It is inching to a loss of human values and real communications.

Increased traits of suicide and depression and loss of cognitive comprehension and short-term short lived happiness is on the rise.

This dwindling perceptions of reality and virtual existence may lead to mass degeneration and extinction of human cognitive intelligence and relationships as we perceive them to be.

The future generations may be born with reduced motor skills as they will be introduced headlong into the world of mixed realities. The ability to switch off and on and the importance of nature conservation as opposed to capitalist approach needs to be addressed.

The AI is very benign; it does not want to kill us. It is merely Virtual.
It can only kill our intelligence virtually.

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Author, Inventor, Attorney (Gold Medalist), Public Speaker, Artist (London Institute of Photography), International Arbitrator (CIArb Singapore), Creative Technologist (University of Virginia Darden School of Business), Steganographer (MoMA, New York), Creative Writer (Oxford University), Film Maker, Transmedia Storyteller (University of New South Wales, Sydney)

She is the Founder of La Legal and Co- Founder of FishEyeBox Innovation Lab.
Her expertise is finding an alchemy between privacy and ethics in DeepTech.

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