6G communications technology

Japan Collaborates with Finland for 6G Networking Research

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Key Highlights:

  • Industrial groups from Japan and Finland collaborated to conduct research and development programs on 6G communications technology
  • The initiative aims to lead creations of 6G standards in the telecommunication field
  • The collaboration will be joined by global telecom leader Nokia

Commercialization of 6G

6G communications technology

Eminent countries like Japan and China—hailing from the apac region—have already thrived in the field of networking and communications technology by harnessing the potentials of 5G technology. In an attempt to move forward to the next generation, a few of these countries are trying to harness the potentials of 6G networking.

Recently, industrial groups from Japan and Finland collaborated to conduct research and development programs on 6G communications technology, envisioning to lead in the 6G standar networking field.

6G Communications Technology

6G communications technology

Industrial groups from Japan and Finland collaborated to conduct joint research and development on sixth-generation communications technology. The joint-partnership is an attempt to lead the creation of 6G standards in a field which is increasingly influenced by some of the major Chinese companies. The collaboration will be joined by Finnish telecom supplier Nokia, which is one of the global leaders in the telecommunication industry.

The joint initiative aims to commercialize 6G technology in the 2030s, including the University of Tokyo along with major Japanese telecom players such as Nippon Telegraph & Telephone, NTT Docomo, KDDI, SoftBank Corp. and Rakuten Mobile. The 6G Flagship is led by Finland’s University of Oulu.

Beyond 5G Promotion Consortium

6G communications technology

The joint initiative by Japan and Finland is followed by a commitment by Japan and the US, which is worth $4.5 billion. The commitment is aimed towards the development of next-generation communications technology and was announced in April 2021. To ace the competition with China in order to set global standards, Japan and the US are extending cooperation towards other countries to promote secure connectivity.  Under Japan’s Beyond 5G Promotion Consortium, Finnish group will sign the agreement for the 6G Flagship. The accord is to be announced on 8 June at the Global Digital Summit 2021— an event organized by Nikkei and Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.

The members of the Japanese consortium will engage in joint research projects and personnel exchange and are open to future collaboration with an American counterpart that includes telecom supplier Cisco Systems and chipmaker Intel. Shares of 5G patents owned by Japanese developers have fallen behind the likes of South Korea’s Samsung Electronics and U.S. player Qualcomm. NTT Docomo holds about 6% of 5G patents, compared with roughly 10% for Qualcomm and China’s Huawei Technologies. The internal affairs ministry aims to command at least a 10% share in 6G patents together in Japan, with a slice of 30% or more in equipment and software.

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