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Presently, the modern media technologies have facilitated the close interactions among individuals, leading to bringing proximity between homes and businesses and enabling more productive outcomes. Differing interests of the readers are compelling the makers to remain more relevant as well as agile. The consumption of content on digital format is booming and infrastructure is improving at a very rapid rate. Considering the APAC region, the Indian advertising industry is projected to be the second-fastest-growing advertising market in Asia after China. Despite the challenges in the industry, the 21st century media companies have a bright future in this region.

One such company gaining popularity with a rapid rate is 1699 Studio, focused to build the best games, apps, and websites. The company provides quick and cost-effective services to the clients. The online reputation is an important factor for 1699 Studio. The Founder of the company, Dhanpreet Singh Bevli articulates, “It is important to build a personal brand because it’s the only thing you’re going to have. Your reputation online, and in the business world is pretty much the game, so you’ve got to be a good person. You can’t hide anything, and more importantly, you’ve got to be out there at some level.”

‘1699’ Marvellous Media and Entertainment Studio

In 2016, 1699 Studio started as the venture of Init Call Technologies. The Founder Dhanpreet Singh, whilst creating some of the cutting-edge technologies for the mobile and web platform, keenly observed the current scenario of the industry and saw the opportunity to develop a new game based on three-hundred-year-old Indian histories. Sailing against the wind, 1699 Studio successfully created a comprehensive game and other media outlets.

After the popularity of these media outlets, the company began working under the name of the parent company, Modern Streaming Solutions Pvt Ltd and is continuing to do so till date. Currently, the company is developing in-house mobile apps and games for users as well. It has its own AOD and VOD platform, which is running successfully in the market. These platforms deliver unique content around the globe and have many clients who are leveraging the company’s tech for this.

Meticulous Planning is the Key

1699 is a product and service-based IT studio, which delivers end-to-end business solutions to its clients. It offers a perfect combination of skilled resources and modern technologies to convey the best software development services. It utterly focuses on ‘on-time’ delivery without hindering the quality of work. To make its solutions more powerful and effective, the leading media and entertainment company performs ‘continuous communication and coordination’ with its clients.

The 1699 team presumes that the key to its world-beating apps is meticulous planning. The services are totally client-driven, where the solutions are built on the exact needs and requirements of the clients. The expert team ensures that the businesses or organizations get the best out of the offered solutions.

Bold and Determined Leadership Dominating the Odds

Dhanpreet Singh is a certified scrum master who is also an excellent leader and a visionary entrepreneur. He is a computer science engineer and started creating websites and mobile apps for the clients’ of the media industry right after his graduation. Having great observational skills, he didn’t fail to notice that entertainment is one sector that can never stop advancing along with the rapid consumption of unique and creative content. With the passage of time, one thing was clear that entertainment industry is here to stay and the mode of consumption is going to change from time to time. This is the reason why Dhanpreet invested his interest in this industry and received a positive response from the users as well.

Being the founder of a leading company comes with numerous challenges on board. According to Dhanpreet, the biggest challenge is to decide on which technology to invest in and which to leave. He believes that one should always trust their gut feeling because it knows what your head hasn’t figured out yet. He further adds, “I think in most difficult times you just need to listen to your gut feeling because even if you go wrong you know you have to give your best shot.” This mind-set has helped him beat the norms and create something inimitable from what the market had to deliver.

A Billion Screens of Opportunity

Disturbing the order of the traditional gaming industry, Dhanpreet was bold enough to introduce a new concept. He pulled together a team of experienced designers, game developers, and artists in 2016 that introduced 1699 Studio to the mobile app development space. The team worked on a pilot project to test the market and user response but in a short span of time, the project gained popularity.

“Everyone knows the story of Superman, Iron-man, and other fictional characters. But, when it comes to validating contents of our Indian history? There are hardly a few!” asserts Dhanpreet.

The company’s first game about a Punjabi warrior named as ‘Baba Banda Singh Bahadur’ became a sensational hit among the gamers and increased by half a million downloads across various platforms. Impressively, the game gained popularity in India as well as abroad without any promotions or marketing. Along with disrupting the gaming industry, 1699 Studio has also widely dispersed in the e-commerce sector recently by creating an online apparel store called ‘Punjabi Adda’. It has entered the crowded apparel space with a creative concept of making T-shirts for Punjabi Community with catchy taglines.

Tactics to Survive in the Current Business Environment

The modern tech world modifies more rapidly and is constantly under change. To keep up with this rapid change, it is important to continuously access strengths and weaknesses along with being aware of the opportunities in the market. 1699 Studio evaluates its strengths and weaknesses continuously and pay unadorned attention to the opportunities in the market, besides keeping an eye on the threats. This evaluation never stops in the company, which has helped it to not only survive in the competition but also stay ahead of them. In addition, the company encourages its team to come with new ideas or innovations to always remain ahead in the market.

Changing the Set Pattern

Nowadays, new trends and technologies are driving innovation, disruption, and opportunities for growth in the media and entertainment industry. But when it comes to the traditional framework of this industry, it is altogether a different ballgame. Therefore, if given a chance to change one thing about this industry, Dhanpreet wishes to change the traditional setup of media by innovating the foundation of entertainment. This would result in giving rise to countless opportunities. Finally, he would like to reduce the complexity of technology by offering a more user-friendly platform. To sum it all, innovation, disruption, and ease-of-use are on the bucket list of this skilful leader.

Capturing the Market with Quality Content

Since inception, 1699 Studio has grown by leaps and bounds. Maintaining its upward momentum, the marvellous media and entertainment company is all set to capture the market in a couple of years with its high quality content. Recently, 1699 Studio launched its in-house products, which include three apps comprising of internet radio station, Sikh Diary, and more. In the coming years, it plans to launch four games and eight apps. Moreover, Dhanpreet feels that with increasing population and the smartphone penetration, India will continue to be the biggest market for mobile gaming as compared to the rest of the world and 1699 Studio is here to remain pervasive in this niche space.

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