Abdulla Belhoul: Setting the Standard for Growth and Sustainability in Dubai’s Business Landscape


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Abdulla Belhoul serves as the Chief Executive Officer of TECOM Group, a Dubai-based multinational conglomerate with a diverse portfolio encompassing 10 business districts, 20 premier retail destinations, and 15 residential communities. His appointment to this esteemed role occurred in 2020, following a noteworthy tenure as the Chief Commercial Officer of Dubai Holding Asset Management (DHAM), a position he held since 2018.

Early Life and Educational Background

Abdulla Belhoul’s roots trace back to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, where he was born and raised. His academic journey led him to obtain a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Maryland, College Park, and a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Dubai.

Professional Trajectory

Abdulla Belhoul’s professional odyssey commenced in 2002 when he assumed the role of Project Engineer at the Dubai World Trade Center. He later held pivotal managerial positions within the Dubai Department of Civil Aviation’s Engineering Department before making his notable entry into Dubai Holding in 2007.

At Dubai Holding, Abdulla Belhoul oversaw the realization of iconic projects that now define Dubai’s skyline, including the renowned Burj Khalifa, the bustling Dubai Mall, and the expansive Dubai Metro network. Furthermore, he took charge of managing the extensive assets within the company’s portfolio, including the vibrant business districts, enticing retail destinations, and thriving residential communities owned by TECOM Group.

In 2018, Abdulla Belhoul ascended to the role of Chief Commercial Officer at DHAM. In this capacity, he shouldered the responsibility of charting and executing the organization’s growth strategy, all the while ensuring the seamless delivery of customer experiences and smart services.

In 2020, Abdulla Belhoul’s journey reached a significant milestone when he was appointed as the CEO of TECOM Group. Since then, he has played a pivotal role in steering the company towards an era of remarkable growth and transformation. Under his visionary leadership, TECOM Group diversified its service portfolio and initiated various groundbreaking projects to better cater to its esteemed clientele and partners.

About TECOM Group

TECOM Group stands as a prominent Dubai-based multinational conglomerate, distinguishing itself by ownership and management of 10 vibrant business districts, 20 leading retail destinations, and 15 thriving residential communities. The company’s business districts house over 10,000 enterprises across a spectrum of industries, including media, technology, and education.

TECOM Group’s overarching vision is to lead as the world’s preeminent sustainable business and lifestyle destination. Its mission is centered around fostering flourishing communities that empower both businesses and individuals to achieve success.

TECOM Group extends an array of services, encompassing:

  1. Business park development and leasing
  2. Retail development and leasing
  3. Residential development and leasing
  4. Facilities management
  5. Business support services

Notable Achievements

Abdulla Belhoul has an illustrious history of accomplishments in the intricate world of developing and managing multifaceted businesses. Under his dynamic leadership, TECOM Group has enjoyed substantial growth and a remarkable transformation.

Some of the noteworthy achievements during Abdulla Belhoul’s tenure at TECOM Group include:

  1. The inception of the TECOM Business Park Innovation Centre, a cutting-edge facility dedicated to nurturing innovative enterprises.
  2. Forging strategic partnerships with global giants like Google and Microsoft, facilitating the establishment of their regional headquarters in TECOM Group’s bustling business districts.
  3. The launch of the TECOM Group Sustainability Strategy underscores the company’s commitment to pioneering sustainable business practices.
  4. A commendable 7% revenue growth in the year 2022.

Abdulla Belhoul commands immense respect within the UAE business community. His unwavering dedication to fostering innovation, championing sustainability, and delivering exemplary customer service has earned him a sterling reputation. Furthermore, he remains a staunch advocate for Dubai’s evolution as a prominent global business hub.

In essence, Abdulla Belhoul’s journey is a testament to his exceptional leadership, rooted in a rich educational background, extensive experience, and a vision for fostering growth and sustainability in the UAE’s business landscape. As the CEO of TECOM Group, he continues to drive the company forward, making strides in developing innovative solutions and nurturing thriving communities for businesses and individuals alike.

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