The Chinese Car Proposition: Affordable Luxury

Affordable Luxury

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Did you know that China has already overtaken Japan as the world’s biggest exporter of passenger cars? This is what Michael Harley, automotive industry expert, wrote in an article for Forbes.

This is why you are seeing more Elite cars and sports utility vehicles on the road. Indeed, while Chinese cars have yet to attain the level of brand recognition that Japanese (as well as American and European) automobile brands enjoy, they are definitely gaining ground and winning market share.

Here are some of the reasons why some buyers prefer Chinese car brands:

1.    Competitive Pricing

In some markets, the Japanese brand vehicle can be 40% to 60% more expensive than a comparable Chinese brand vehicle. The steep price difference is even more glaring when you compare Chinese cars with similar-class American and European vehicles. The cost savings can go even higher when you compare an American or European car with a Chinese car in the same vehicle class.

Chinese cars are affordable. This makes Chinese vehicles an enticing option for the budget-conscious buyer segment.

2.    Value for Money

Closely related but not quite identical to affordability is the concept of value for money. Not only is a five-door, five-seater, 197-horsepower compact crossover SUV from a Chinese car manufacturer more affordable than a similar-class vehicle from Japan, Korea, Europe, and the United States, but it also typically comes with more bells and whistles than the latter.

Put another way, the same amount of money will buy you more features if you put it on a Chinese car than on a vehicle from other car-exporting economies. A similar-class vehicle from Japan will have airbags for the driver and front-passenger seats. Meanwhile, a Chinese car will have both driver and front passenger airbags plus side curtains and head airbags.

On a Chinese car, moreover, you can pretty much expect as standard the following features:

  • A high-resolution, touch-enabled display that serves as a unified interface for navigation, viewing the camera feed, receiving warnings and alerts, and controlling light, music, driving mode, power mode, the windows, the seats, the side mirrors, and the tailgate
  • A panoramic parking assist system
  • A lane departure warning system
  • A rear cross-traffic alert
  • Collision sensor technology
  • High-fidelity speakers
  • Ambient temperature and other environmental factor sensors
  • Flat-folding rear seats
  • Rapid wireless charger
  • Front and rear-cameras
  • A sunroof
  • Keyless entry
  • Bluetooth

3.    Advanced Technology

Why fix it when it’s not broken? This is a typical motto for long-standing car brands. They just don’t have a reason to apply more than the most minor tweaks to their best-selling cars.

In contrast, new car manufacturers – such as the new players from China – have every reason to incorporate the most advanced tech in their vehicles. They have a ceiling to break and no template to follow, so they can add more than the market-standard features to their cars.

As such, you will see mid-priced Chinese cars sporting features you would normally have only if you buy a luxury German car. Doing this lets Chinese vehicles stand out and compete against the more established competition.

4.    Innovative Design

Aesthetically, moreover, Chinese cars look fresh, new, and modern. The difference could be startling when a Chinese car is placed side by side with a best-selling model from an entrenched car brand.

The Chinese variants typically have an aerodynamic body with sharp lines and bigger wheels, delivering a more dynamic and aggressive profile. A hidden sensing door handle gives the side panels a sleek and seamless look. Then there are the little details: the uniquely styled headlights, checkered tail lights, and beautiful grille.

Chinese brand vehicles also usually sport a panoramic sunroof. This lets in as much natural light as possible, even as the powerful air-conditioning keeps the heat firmly outside. This sense of space and light is a feature you’ll often find only in the best Chinese SUV brands.

Again, the keywords here are affordable luxury and value for money. Chinese newcomers give off the look and feel of European luxury cars – but at a much lower price.

5.    Quality Improvements

Chinese car manufacturers are reimagining what the passenger vehicle should look like. Since they are relatively new to the market, they have more freedom and leeway to experiment and innovate. They also have the data, especially feedback from car owners – their competitors’ customers – on what they like or don’t like about their cars and what features they wish their vehicles had.

Serious Chinese car manufacturers are driven to improve on the status quo. As such, they are improving the quality of the market’s current offerings, benefiting customers willing to try Chinese brands.

The New Kids on the Block

Chinese cars are the new kids on the block. They look sharp and dapper and come loaded with modern tech and features, but they sell for a considerably lower price than similar-class vehicles. If you’re in the market for affordable luxury, give Chinese brands a chance.

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