Afshan Muneer: Making Growth And Sustainability The Pillars Of Good Leadership


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A good leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things but the one who pushes others to their greatest limits. Looking at the rise in the millennial workforce the approach of the leaders needs to be changed. Traditional methodologies may not be beneficial anymore. Leaders have to focus on creating new solutions, disruptive existing scenarios, and motivating teams to work relentlessly are a few qualities that business leaders nowadays focus on. Growth and sustainability should be at the center of the leader’s goal. Having the same approach of leadership, Afshan Muneer, the CEO of Solutions Sync LLC, is practicing growth and sustainability.

Afshan has been in the industry for a long time and been leading various renowned enterprises and is now managing Solution Sync. Solutions Sync has established its forte as a leading company renowned for its expertise in the executive search domain by organizing best of the industry’s recruitment methodologies and procedures to discreetly handle middle and senior management mandates, which is adding values to the growing business.

Preparing Aspirants for Suitable Opportunities

Solution Sync was established in 2017, and despite the little time in the industry, it has remarkably set itself apart amongst the others. The key to the company’s sustainable growth is robust customer retention. Solution Sync was established with a goal to help and prepare job aspirants for suitable opportunities and it has fulfilled it throughout the years.

The company offers services through two key lines of businesses, the first being as the recruitment and placement firm, and the second, is to operate as a vendor offering IT staffing and solutions. It offers career counseling, placement assistance, placement guidance and free assistance to job seekers. The differentiator amongst the competitors is that the company provides job assistance as well as counsel the candidates thoroughly which helps it to get hired quickly. Solutions Sync’s also delivering excellent training and development services in areas such as business analysis, project management, quality analysis, testing tools, and more. Under the excellent mentorship of Afshan, she and her placement team are continuously serving the SMEs across the US and single-mindedly accomplished outstanding results by helping the IT experts land the jobs of their choice and getting the right candidates for SME enterprises.

A Versatile Leader and Devoted Homemaker

Solution Sync is mentored by a powerful and intense leader, Afshan Muneer, who is termed to be a force to reckon with in the Silicon Valley for the last 14 years. Over the years, she has performed exceptionally with the training and development of employees and also mentored the same. Her leadership roles for the International market are not just limited to the USA, UK, India, Middle East. The versatile leader understands the requirements for billion-dollar corporations as well as the career development needs of individuals. She created a sole platform for Sync IT learning with the purpose of giving professionals a platform to better themselves by constantly improving with education. As good as a leader she is, Afshan is also a devoted homemaker, counselor to her community and non-IT friends to help them get into Information Technology and taking care of the family in India.

Having an influential road to success, Afshan explains her journey by saying, “With difficult childhood, limited resources to explore, etc.…have always challenged me to only bring the best because I could only survive that way. Always pursue my passion into People’s Person, truly into People’s management was a great addition in helping me achieve more and more milestones.”

Rapidity Helps To Overcome Challenges

The biggest challenges faced by the industries with the growing needs of any organization and clients are being flexible, and be open to adopt new trends and learn. This gives rise to the need for soft skills, infrastructural skills, behavioral training, and development. Afshan herself undergone the training around soft skills, and this training proved beneficial for her mentorship. She has offered years of soft and retention skill coaching and development knowledge transfer and training to several organizations. Understanding that rapidity is important, Afshan personally designs, delivers and supervises personality development tools and techniques, ideal attitude adoption skill’s training and many other.

Determined To Make 2020 a Promising Year

Afshan believes that a job cannot be about the highest level of skill-set that one possesses but it is about the best attitude at work, passion for the product and service of the given organization, attention to detail with a value of education remaining to be unchanged. This year, Solutions Sync is targeting the GAP (Generally Accepted Protocol) inefficiencies between the Hiring Manager and Job-Applicant process as it seems to be a growing problem these days. “I personally target to also bring not just catering RIGHT and BEST Job-Applicant to Right opening but to offer customized Training needs with ideal certifications at an Enterprise level to Solutions Sync clients,” said Afshan.

Afshan is determined to make this a promising year, as she is going to focus not just on training, development and certification but also on maximizing the deployment of resources vested, which will prove beneficial for both the clients and the Solutions Sync as well. She also aims to have an innovative approach as she aims to run campaigns, demonstrations, workshops, and talk shows to bring an all-round change in the industry. “Through this innovative approach I aim to hit maximum CHANGE that I can drive in helping both hiring manager and Job-Seekers,” optimistically concluded Afshan.

Advice for aspiring leaders

Foresee and surpass the necessities of the current trends

Be an innovative person, creative solutions will guide you towards success

Always be a learner, enhance your skills and knowledge with the development programs

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