Top 7 Airpods Pro Tips and Tricks You Should Know

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AirPods Pro is Apple’s upgraded and high-end version of its existing AirPods. It boasts numerous unique features, such as interchangeable silicone tips for a more comfortable fit and active noise cancellation for an enhanced listening experience. You can also optimize battery charging, improve audio quality, and other cool specs.

Whether you just got your first pair of AirPods Pro or have been a user for years, there are still tons of things under the hood of these premium earbuds that you probably do not know about. Nevertheless, make it a point to purchase from legit and authorized retailers to avoid getting fake AirPods Pro. Many resellers sell these exact items at a low price, so always be cautious. Protect your investment and enjoy it more with these crucial tips and tricks below:

1. Give Your AirPods Pro a New Name

Your AirPods Pro is by default named as your first name followed by AirPods Pro, for example, Jane’s AirPods Pro. But you can change it whenever you want. All you have to do is go to Settings then tap Bluetooth and click the info icon for your AirPods Pro. Afterward, tap the current name and change it to any name you want for your AirPods Pro. Also, never forget to save it and click Done when you are finished renaming your earbuds.

2. Test Ear Tip Fit

The Airpods Pro has a one-size-fits-all design but comes with three sizes of replaceable ear tips for a better fit. Choose the perfect size of ear tips for you, so you can wear them for long periods and get a good seal for better audio quality and noise cancellation. To test the fit of your AirPods Pro, attach one pair of the tips to the base of the earbuds and insert them into your ears. Then go to the Settings of your iPhone tap Bluetooth then Your AirPods Pro info icon, and select the Ear Tip Fit Test. Your phone will then play music and determine if you are getting a snug fit or need to adjust or try another size.

3. Customize the Presses

A long press on the stem of your AirPods Pro moves between the Noise Cancellation and Transparency by default. However, you can change it by going to the Press and Hold AirPods section, then tapping the entry for left or right to activate Siri on a long press. Also, you can set either earbud to switch between off and either Transparency or Noise Cancellation or all three modes in sequence. As recommended, you may keep Noise Cancellation enabled for one bud but switch to Siri for the other.

4. Turn On Spatial Audio

Spatial Audio offers an immersive surround sound experience, delivering a 360-degree soundscape that adjusts according to your movement. If you want to experience this, tap the Spatial Audio bar, and you can listen to a demo to see how this feature works through the See & Hear How it Works option. Additionally, you can toggle between stereo sound and spatial audio to hear the difference and choose what you prefer the most. You can also try it with a supported video to hear Spatial Audio in action!

5. Explore the Accessibility Settings

Not all of the AirPods Pro settings are found under the Bluetooth button. Surprisingly, you can tweak your earbuds through the Accessibility option. You can alter the speed required to press the stems of your AirPods Pro to pause, play, skip ahead, or go back. Moreover, you can activate noise cancellation with one earbud, adjust the press and hold duration, enable mono audio, and mask background sounds through it.

6. Share Audio Between Two Pairs of AirPods Pro

If you want to share what you are listening to with your partner, friend, or anyone, you can do so. With AirPods Pro, you can share your device’s Bluetooth audio with a second pair. Enjoy watching a movie together without disturbing those around you or keep listening to your favorite tunes while running or lounging at home. It is a great way to keep you closer together, literally and figuratively!

7. Control Music with a Press

Press the stem with your thumb and forefinger until you hear a low click to control the flow of music on your AirPods Pro. Press once to play or pause, double press to skip forward to the next song, and triple press to go backward to the start of your current track or previous song. This tip can make your listening experience better.


To maximize the use of your AirPods Pro, be sure to know these helpful tips and tricks specified above. Plenty of things you can do with these premium earbuds, so use them properly. If you are still thinking twice about buying a pair of these, this is the perfect time to purchase yours. Head to the authorized retailer near you and own your AirPods Pro today!

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