Amazon continues to invest in India

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Amazon opens its first office building outside the US

The US-based e-commerce company started its operation in 2004 from Hyderabad. On 21 August 2019, Amazon successful opened its first owned office building outside the US.  The campus is strategically spread over 9.5 acres building of 3 million square feet.

John Schoettler, Amazon’s vice president of global real estate and facilities said, “The retailer plans to shift many employees now working in eight buildings spread over 4 million sqft space in Hyderabad to the new campus.”

“As far as our services go, we don’t see any slowdown,” said Amit Agarwal

Amazon, US-based online retailer eyes on the long term perspective on investment in India; it doesn’t see any slowdown to its services offerings in the country. Further, Amit Agarwal, Amazon India Manager is positive on domestic sales and exports and believes in continuing its investment across all businesses.

Agarwal said, “As far as our services go, we don’t see any slowdown. There could be multiple reasons. I think one thing to keep in mind is that e-commerce is very, very small…it is probably just three percent (of total retail). When you are that small, there is so much room to grow.”

Amazon providing more affordable options to the customers

Agarwal said the company has already announced the investment of $5 billion in India and another $500 million in food and retail, highlighting Amazon’s commitment to the Indian market. He thinks the customers love to select for great value and convenience in all kind of economics. Further, he said, “And, I think given that Amazon’s focus has been on that, maybe we haven’t really seen the slowdown,”

Amazon will continue to invest to provide more options to its customers to make things more affordable and faster to make sure customers respond positively and retailer grows at a very healthy rate. “It is hard for me to predict what will happen in future, but as a business, we are very committed to long term thinking so we don’t really get distracted by what is happening in short cycles,” said Agarwal.

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