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With a population of 4.3 billion, around 60% of the world’s population, Asia Pacific is a force to reckon with. The region generated a gross domestic output (GDP) of $28.2 trillion last year, of which powerhouse China accounted for nearly 40%, making Asia Pacific in terms of economic output larger than the US, Germany and the United Kingdom combined. APAC region is also one of the fastest-growing consulting sectors in the world, having added around $10 billion in fee income in the span of just four years. Japan and South Korea remain Asia’s largest consulting markets, while China, India, and Australia are the main drivers of growth in volume. The consulting industry of Asia Pacific, consisting Asia, Australasia and a number of other very small markets, are estimated to break through the barrier of $50 billion in this year, according to new data analysis.

The elevating profit margin in the APAC regions has given rise to new businesses to emerge and expand. The M&A Consulting Firms assist these businesses in Strategic growth decisions leading to significant value creation. With a comprehensive expertise in various M&A activities, ANOVA Corporate Services comprise a deep experience of providing end-to-end M&A solutions to its clients. The company focuses more on M&A to assist businesses to achieve better market share in both regional and international markets. It is a cohesive platform of corporate strategy, corporate finance, business valuation, and deal structuring.

Varied Services and Offerings of ANOVA

ANOVA has excelled in successful M&A assistance by working closely with customers, learning their business needs, and future objectives, in addition to liaising with advisors on the buyer/seller side to ensure smooth closure and transition. One of the inevitable parts of M&A is accepting or paying the right price for a particular business as it can affect the forthcoming profit outcomes. ANOVA helps the clients determine the right price to pay/accept for the business through its ‘Business Valuation Services’. The share value is determined using comparable sales multiples, EBITDA multiples, and P/E multiples to the extent possible and corroborated with the discounted cash flow to ensure fair valuation. Additionally, to maximizing value creation for clients and providing strategic support on pre-transition and post-transition matters, it also provides:

  • Due Diligence (DD)
    The DD process helps buyers and investors to maximize value, minimize disruption and avoiding late surprises through disposal process
  • DD Preparedness for Clients
    The service helps a seller be prepared for M&A / Fundraise for the business.

The Competent Leader of ANOVA

Chandrashekar Kupperi has almost two decades of experience in various multinationals with diversified sector experience. He has always been fascinated with accounting and finance, especially the analysis and interpretation of data. He is a qualified Chartered Accountant, Cost Accountant and Company Secretary, besides having other finance-related credentials. He noticed that the current decade is seeing a surge in the number of start-ups, with Tech start-ups leading the space. With the burgeoning rise of start-ups, there has also been a need for consulting companies that can bring fluency to processes by guiding the small and medium enterprises with strategic outlook, financial discipline, ability to raise funds towards growth, and related aspects. This inspired him to lay the foundation of ANOVA in 2013.

The company has been elevating on the scale of success and growth. The firms’ largest strength is in ‘structuring’ the requirement for the client. The challenge however remains is convincing the clients to accept that ‘things could be different, and that different can be better’. Clients often fear change and experiments. To manage this approach, the founder and his skilled team spend significant time and effort and work closely with clients, without impacting their independence and focus on day-to-day operations.

Helping Clients with Innovative Solutions to Improve Their Performance

We help the clients to act on key decisions, by providing them enough support and momentum to achieve their objectives.,” says Chandrasekhar Kupperi the Founder of ANOVA.

To fulfill the client expectations is the prime objective of ANOVA. The team spends quality time with the client to co-design and conduct a process for building an agreement about what steps are necessary and establishing the momentum to ensure these steps are acted upon. Currently, the firm is broadly working with MSME companies, including early-stage start-ups. The growth of these businesses’ does not occur merely with synergies via right transactions, but also by addressing the fact that they need to progress and increase their maturity by getting continually mentored and by ensuring financial discipline.

Through its services, ANOVA helps clients make distinctive, lasting, and substantial improvements in their performance and supports them to achieve assessment of the business position and future prospects. Helping them find the right fit between investor, investee and creating a philosophy-value synergy by the right match. Moreover, it also bridges the gap between aspirations and practicality by providing the right valuation opinion and expectation. Along with acting right and responding according to the changing market dynamics, it is the achievement-oriented and customer-centric strategy that helps the company maintains its consulting services at the utmost standard.

Striving To Reach Beyond the Horizons

ANOVA is constantly striving to reach beyond the horizons and in that pursuance, it aims to get involved in larger transactions and move towards creating many more cross border transactions. It also plans to extend its corporate advisory services segment in order to support larger corporates including MNCs and help them mature in business process optimization and efficiency in financial information management and utilization by mentoring them and helping them build a system.

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