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Aqua Utility Designs and Management Pvt. Ltd.

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Established in 2002, Aqua Utility Designs and Management Pvt. Ltd. – an eminent professional utility services design firm providing single point services of MEPF Design Consultancy under one roof. Around two decades ago, the first head office of AUDMPL was established in Ahmedabad. The company was formerly known as Aqua Designs, and over the years, it has expanded its branch offices at Indore. Today, it has representatives based at Mumbai-Maharashtra and Rajkot-Gujarat.

Consulting Industry is a very dynamic industry which seeks for different skill sets and is highly demanding. Companies, especially in consulting, grow as per the amount of varying range of services it can provide. AUDMPL is no different;it provides lucrative solutions in MEPF design services. Due to its wide range of services, the company has distinguished itself amongst the most competitors. Along with the qualitative solutions, the strong foundation with its strong principles such as honesty, sincerity, and dedication have immensely contributed to the success. Today, Aqua Utility Design and Management is amongst the top sought after MEPF design firms working on a large number of diverse projects throughout the country.

Constant learning is essential

AUDMPL’s principles have a strong impact on the team. Thus, the team is always striving to become the one-point solution for the clients. The continuous learning and knowledge up-gradation has helped the company to reach its prosperity. To stay up to date in the market and stay relevant at the same time, AUDMPL conducts various training, seminars associating along with different technical institutes. This constant learning has benefited with profound experience and has helped the company contribute to the industry for more than two decades. Over these years, it has successfully worked in 22 states and 2 Union Territories of India and South Africa, with over 2500 projects completed.

A Multidisciplinary and Visionary Leader

Dipen Mehta is the Founder and Managing Director of AUDMPL, he initially established AUDMPL as Aqua Designs in 2002. Dipen has multidisciplinary knowledge, experience, and vision, which has resulted in the establishment of the company. He is also the founder of PCSPML, where he looks over the overall management and operational responsibility of all PCSPMPL projects and organizations too.

As a leader, Dipen’s responsibility is also very diverse ranging from advising the board of directors, motivating the team members, and driving the change within the organization. Dipen has been sharing the same responsibilities in both the firms and excelling at it. Apart from this, he is a Corporate Member of the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC), Gujarat Chapter and GRIHA Evaluator and Trainer. He has always aimed to save natural resources and is duly performing all the corporate environmental responsibility through his both the companies.

State-of-art Engineering Designs

AUDMPL has been popular for the state-of-art engineering design of diverse projects throughout the country. With considerable experience in MEPF Engineering Design and Management, the company has been successfully catering to several industries from medium to large size projects, including educational campuses, institutional buildings, hospitals, theatres, townships, office buildings, residential complexes and factories throughout the country. Over the years, it has been successful in delivering around 2500 projects in utility designing. “We understand the requirements of our clients and provide them the best possible designs as per the guidelines,” asserts Dipen.

AUDMPL also manages to provide a cost-effective engineering solution with quality management by a trained and qualified organization and maximized inter-service coordination benefits. In addition to this, it also offers long-term support to all clients and hence has a high business continuity ratio. AUDMPL offers a wide range of MEPF services on a variety of projects mainly,

  1. MEPF Design Services
  2. MEPF Audit Services
  3. Management and Coordination of Services
  4. Green Building Design

Delivering Solution Accurately and Swiftly

The team plays an important role in the company’s success and growth. Dipen states that their team has always managed the clients and their requirements accurately. The team of AUDMPL works closely in conjunction with the clients and designers to identify the objectives, requirements and prospective challenges in a project. The team understands the importance of transparent communication and are always responsive to all its clients and project designers’ requirements. This helps them to deliver effectively meet all the set requirements by the client.

The skillful team has been successful in delivering solutions accurately and speedily. “Being single point MEPF design services, all the clients can receive a solution with much faster turnaround time,” said Dipen.

Perfect Balance between Nature and Technology

Having been a veteran in the industry, AUDMPL works with a mission to be a global leader in MEPF Design Services, with corporate social responsibility. Often times, environmental responsibilities get neglected in the competition. However, AUDMPL aims for unambiguous excellence, honesty, and integrity. The team of AUDMPL aims for profit but also doesn’t overlook the benefits to humanity. It delivers a unique utility design with innovative and economical concepts followed by utmost Customer Satisfaction and Customer Awareness.

AUDMPL always aims to have the perfect balance between taking care of nature and delivering accurate solutions to the clients. The company’s tag line itself states— Synergizing Air, Water and Power.

Focusing On Environment and Technological Advancements

AUDMPL is seen serving for over most of the industries. Similarly, AUDMPL is planning to integrate them into the system through Building Management System, Access Control, Security and Surveillance System, Energy Management, Fire Alarm, and Detection System, Computer and Data Management System. The company sights for continuous expansion and innovation in terms of services and infrastructure, up-gradation of knowledge and training for skilled manpower in the fast-moving era and meet the expectations of client and project team.

AUDMPL also aims to become an icon in the industry by providing eco-friendly designs to save natural resources like air, water, and energy and to provide the best possible solutions as per laws to accomplish the highest client satisfaction.

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