Western Australia to Set Up EV Charging Stations Across the State

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Key Highlights:

  • The installation is a part of the Electric Vehicle (EV) strategy prepared by the Western Australian government
  • 90 new EVs will be installed across 45 different locations
  • The plan is strategized for tourists and aims for environmental benefits

Fast-Charging in 15 Minutes

EV Charging Stations

The Western Australian government has announced the setup of EV stations at different locations throughout the state. The announcement is a part of the government’s EV Fund and the State Electric Vehicle Strategy for WA. The stations will be installed at different locations to create a fast-charging network.

EV Charging Stations

EV Charging Stations

Reportedly, the WA government will set up 90 new EVs at 45 different locations across the state. These will stretch across the Kununurra, Esperance, and Kalgoorlie regions of Western Australia.

According to the WA government, the EV charging stations will be set up along the ‘key travel routes’ of the state. Each station will be 160 kilometers apart (on average) to put the drivers at ease. Moreover, it will charge the vehicles within 15 minutes. The installations will be spread across a distance of 3000 kilometers in total.

Purpose of the Strategy

Electric Vehicle Strategy

According to the McGowen government, the strategy aims to encourage tourists to explore regional towns while their cars charge. The charging locations were finalized by the state-owned energy providers ‘Synergy and Horizon Power’. It was carried out in consultation with the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation. The tender for the charging stations’ design will hit the market by the end of 2021. The charging station will be fully operational by early 2024.

WA’s Environment and Climate Action Minister Amber-Jade Sanderson stated that “Our huge fast-charging network will give electric vehicle owners the confidence they can travel far and wide by eliminating any concerns around range anxiety. This infrastructure is a key to boosting electric vehicle uptake in the state and helps continue the transition to net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.”

Electric Vehicle Action Plan

Electric Vehicle Action Plan

On 17 August, the Western Australia government launched its EV Action Plan. It aims to provide a series of actions to prepare Western Australia for more use of EVs. “The McGowan government is preparing for the future, with 20% of new car sales in Australia expected to be electric by 2030,” states Energy Minister Bill Johnston

The WA government’s plan for 2021 is to focus on several areas of concern. These include industry collaboration, sharing knowledge to integrate distributed energy resources (DERs), EV, and batteries at the fringe of the grid. It also wants to ensure transparent and new connections for network operators. It also aims to ensure simple customer EV purchase and connection journeys.

The Electric Vehicle Strategy

Electric Vehicle Strategy

WA’s electric vehicle strategy has budgeted at $21 million. The strategy encompasses battery EVs, plug-in hybrid EVs, and hydrogen fuel cell EVs. The increased adoption of EVs will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve the state’s urban air quality. It will further enable improvements in energy productivity, future transport costs, energy security, and amenity.

The WA State Government is preparing for the increased domestic and international adoption of EVs. It plans to leverage the economic, social, and environmental benefits provided by the strategy. Moreover, the global uptake of EVs provides important industry and economic opportunities. These are facilitated by the State Government through its Future Battery Industry Strategy and Renewable Hydrogen Strategy.

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