Avekshaa Technologies: A Trendsetter in Application Performance Engineering and AIOps


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The rapid advance of technology has had a seismic impact on the ways companies do business today. Companies have started leveraging the technologies to offer their finest solutions, stay relevant to industries’ requirements, to stay ahead of their competitors, and ultimately, to deliver a stellar customer experience to their end-users. However, they tend to overlook the importance of performance engineering and management in their solutions. To help them address these obstacles, Avekshaa Technologies came into existence.

According to the Gartner reports, the next 5 years globally are going to be around High Scalability. With the high scale, come the challenges of scale. Forrester’s report suggests that 64% CIOs confirm, P-A-S-S™ issues impact their businesses seriously. Also, as per Butler Group reports, globally 72B+ USD is lost due to poorly performing applications alone.

Since its inception, the company has been addressing the most critical, complex problems that are industry and technology agnostic. Moreover, it offers highly customized solutions that assure continuous improvements in the P-A-S-S™ (Performance, Availability, Scalability, and Security) for business-critical applications and IT systems.

Avekshaa Technologies A Trendsetter in Application Performance Engineering and Management

Founded in 2011, Avekshaa Technologies is a leading solution and products company in P-A-S-S™. The word ‘Avekshaa’ defines its core values and strength — a Sanskrit word that means Care, Observation, and Attention. Because of its passion for technology, the company is emerging as a pioneer in changing the industry mindset of treating P-A-S-S™, NFR (non-functional requirements) as an afterthought. It has already invented a unique, core technology platform named “P-A-S-S™ Assurance Platform”.

This platform is developed by using core IPs from the company, proven methodologies, use case knowledge base, and real-life scenarios. The platform utilizes an innovative and holistic approach for managing IT complexities as well as to protect and maximize the return on IT investment in an organization. It is ideally suited for a variety of IT systems and technologies. As a result, P-A-S-S™ considerations are now prioritized and imbibed at the requirement, design, and architecture phases than at the final UAT phase.

Currently, Avekshaa Technologies has a robust suite of world proof solutions and products that are deployed in various industries, e.g. BFSI, Retail/eCommerce, Healthcare, Pharma, Automotive, Supply Chain. However, all the products and solutions are industry and technology agnostic and can be adopted everywhere seamlessly. These key innovations are Platform driven Performance Engineering, DEM and AIOps Products that predict & suggest future problems, and recommend remedies to those.

No One-Size That Fits Solutions and Products for Clients

To stay ahead of the innovation curve, Avekshaa has adapted AI/ML in Application Performance Engineering/Management long before, to predict problems and suggest solutions proactively, much before they actually occur. Now, the company has a wealth of 4000 + differentiated problems across diverse industries including Telecom, Banking, BFS, FinTech, etc. It understands that all problems are uniquely complex in nature and no one-size-fits-all the clients’ needs. Therefore, it delivers bespoke solutions and products that best suit the clients’ IT infrastructure.

Ready to Expand, Delivering Valuable Benefits to Clients

APAC remains the most dynamic region in the world as it has brought forth many great opportunities for businesses to grow and expand. For Avekshaa, India has been a major contributing country in its success story in this region to date. The company is also moderately successful in SEA countries. In the near future, it is well poised to expand exponentially in MEA, ANZ, and the US.

For its customers, the futuristic company provides a wide range of benefits through its solutions. Some of these benefits are the elimination of IT downtime /outages, increase the scalability of cloud-based core banking applications by 10x, a significant reduction in IT Infra expenditure as well as in IT CAPEX, OPEX. In addition to this, improve branding through superlative customer experience, 98% reduction in Response Time, and achieve “near-zero” latency are offered by it.

The Mastermind behind Avekshaa’s Growth

The Founder and CEO, Rajinder Gandotra established Avekshaa Technologies with a mission, to help their clients focus and grow their business and profitability by making their IT systems secure, faster and predictable. He has the support of a skillful team, Rachit (Head of Delivery), Sanjay (Head of India Sales), Srini (Head of Products, Platforms), Tridib Swain (Partner, Global Head of Business). He was formerly an Associate Vice President, Principal Technical Architect, and Management Council Member at Infosys Technologies. Under Rajinder’s leadership, the company has received many awards and recognitions.

Moreover, Rajinder shared his thoughts on a futuristic company, he states, “Along with my team, grow Avekshaa to be a leading, global, high-end technology company in the P-A-S-S™ Assurance space.

P-A-S-S™ is a Remarkable Sector

Rajinder believes that P-A-S-S™ is a super-niche area. This super-specialized area demands unique acumen to identify, analyze, and provide accurate solutions. Thus, the company’s forte lies in implementing those solutions accurately to meet the desired customer KPIs. CEO Rajinder asserts, “Most importantly, it’s not people or process-oriented for us. It’s the unique Platform, Solutions, Products that we have created out of our wealth of experience, unique problems of scale that we have solved.

Attracting Millennial

Millennials and new-age entrepreneurs have understood that superlative customer experience, addressing problems of Performance, High Availability, Scalability, and Security are key to success. They are equipping themselves with the required tools to solve these challenges.

Additionally, P-A-S-S™ is no longer a pipe dream in the digital era, where hypergrowth, SaaS sales, digital marketing, customer experience drives global business. Realizing this fact, global enterprises are spending big bucks to ensure they offer superlative customer experience to their end customers, brand loyalty. To overcome this hurdle, Avekshaa has expert team members who are keen investors and retainers of millennial talent that are ever-famished to solve complex problems of hyperscale. They hone, mentor, and empower them to solve unique P-A-S-S™ problems for their customers.

AI/ML is the Future

Rajinder believes that in the next few years the adoption of AI/ML will become mainstream and will continue to dominate. He also believes that quantum computing is another technology that will be useful for research, forecasting, trading, healthcare, etc.

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