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Do you want to become the next Rakesh Jhunjhunwala? Well, trading apps are one of the best options that have made investment in the stock market super easy. You can improve your investment decisions and earn maximum profit by sitting comfortably at your home. Moreover, research reports and chart analysis help you to invest wisely. To assist you more, we have put together a guide about the 5 best trading apps in India.

1. Zerodha Kite


Android Rating: 4.3 /5 Stars

Founded in: 2010

IOS Rating: 3.2/5 Stars

App Downloads: 50 Lakh +

Zerodha Kite offers intuitive stock market tools to conduct transactions and bids for superior insights in charts. Zerodha was among the first bargain broker apps in India. Later on, it rose to become one of the best trading apps in India. Zerodha Kite provides brokerage-free investments. This app not only provides fantastic features to filter out but also shortlists the names of the companies according to your requirement.

Top Features:

  • Six different sorts of charts are available for assessing the condition of the market
  • It keeps you informed about market news and developments regarding the value of your stocks
  • Dashboard/ account summary
  • Streaming Quotes
  • Exit multiple orders in one click


  • Easy to use as a mobile app
  • Available in 10 regional languages
  • User-friendly navigations
  • Instant update on orders


  • No price notifications are available
  • It does not provide mutual funding
  • No option is available to invest in Initial Public Offering (IPO)
  • Reset the wish list after logging out

2. Angel Broking


Founded in: 1996

Android Rating: 4.1 /5 Stars

IOS Rating: 3.6/5 Stars

App Downloads: 1 Crore +

Angel Broking is a favorite trading app among its clients as it provides minimal brokerage costs and readymade portfolios. It offers fantastic time-saving tools for both investors and business people. The program can increase your stock market trading experience through user interface features such as tracking derivatives positions, live streaming quotes, etc. Angel Broking provides insurance, mutual funds, and brokerage to its clients. It has been in the broking business for 30 years.

Top Features:

  • Free of charge transfer of money
  • Uses professional research to analyze the industry
  • Constructs affordable but excellent quality portfolio


  • Creating a low-cost portfolio is possible if invested in tiny instances
  • Brokerage is not needed in the delivery of equity
  • The Premium version is available with advanced facilities
  • No hidden charges
  • Portfolio management is up to the mark


  • Central Pivot Range (identifies key points of price levels and trade accordingly) is unavailable
  • Glitches appear while reviewing charts
  • Incur ₹20 per order after calling a trade

3. Kotak Stock Trading App


Founded in:

Android Rating: 4/5 Stars

IOS Rating: 5/5 Stars

App Downloads: 10 Lakh +

You can track the live share market and buy real-time shares through Kotak. Moreover, with the help of Kotak, you can stay updated every day with the latest Nifty and Sensex news. It offers the facility to manage your trading portfolio and place your orders under the efficient guidance of the topmost stock market leaders.

Top Feature:

  • Customizable watch list
  • Multiple layers of security
  • Easy access to funding availability
  • Seamless transfer of funds to the trading account from the bank account
  • Live updates of the market news
  • Tips from stock market leaders


  • Track real-time stock market updates
  • A quick check of portfolio and holdings in the ‘My Investment’ section
  • Radial navigation for investment status


  • Non-availability of Contract for Differences (differences in the settlement between the open and closing trade prices are settled in cash)
  • Limited Payment Methods

4. IIFL Market


Founded in: 1995

Android Rating: 4/5 Stars

IOS Rating: 4.3/5 Stars

App Downloads: 50 Lakh +

IIFL Market (India Infoline Finance Limited) trading app offers an unmatched experience for smartphone users in addition to great investment ideas that help users to make the right decision. It provides fast and easy customer support over phone calls, WhatsApp, text messages, etc. The app could be the best choice for newcomers as it serves the research and critical recommendations regarding your investment.

Top Features:

  • Different investment options such as NSE, BSE, NCDEX, etc
  • Explore the investment history of 140 listed companies
  • Seamless access to live prices of the commodity, equity, etc
  • Suggestion for 500 domestic and international stocks


  • Notifications and reminders for trading investment
  • A minimum deposit requirement is not needed


  • The demo trading account is not available
  • Discount deals only for Indian shares
  • No direct mutual funds are available
  • The app logs out automatically after 15-20 minutes session

5. Upstox Pro

best-trading-apps-in-india-Upsto- Pro

Founded in: 2009

Android Rating: 4.3/5 Stars

IOS Rating: 4.1/5 Stars

App Downloads: 1 Crore +

Upstox is among the best trading apps in India and the leading stock broker in the stock market. It provides users access to monitor the performance of investors in addition to price alerts. Moreover, Upstox grants multiple stock trading options with an easy-to-use interface. Here, you can trade in mutual funds, digital gold, stocks, etc. Furthermore, you can receive extensive charts over Upstox to help you.

Top Features:

  • Immediate shares buying and selling execution
  • Most accomplished accessibility and easy-to-use app
  • Nominal trading charges on transactions
  • The absolute number of price alerts


  • No need to pay Demat account maintenance charges
  • Availability of a universal search tool to find all stock (domestic or international)
  • 100 + technical indicators on charts
  • Limited aftermarket orders


  • A limited number of features as compared to other apps
  • Lack of recommendation for Initial Public Offering (IPO) and Follow on Public Offer (FPO)

Finally, we grabbed a quick look here at the best trading apps in India. If you are a beginner in the world of trading, then we hope this article has served you well in guiding the top features, ratings, pros, and cons of every app. For fast, seamless, and profitable trading, it is mandatory to choose an excellent stock market app to give you wise tips about trading; just like our blog has provided the 5 best trading apps in India!

Trupti Munde

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