Bugatti Launches First-ever Showroom in Singapore to extend its Influence in Asia

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Key Highlights:

  • Southeast Asia’s island city-state of Singapore has one of the most successful and stable economies in the world
  • The brand’s showroom has already opened its doors to the most discriminating customers
  • The staff of Bugatti Singapore can arrange personalized appointments for customers

Showroom for Growing Customers

Automobiles Ettore Bugatti was a French car manufacturer of high-performance automobiles, established in 1909 in the then-German city of Molsheim, Alsace, by Italian-born manufacturing designer Ettore Bugatti. The cars were recognized for their beautiful design and their many race triumphs. Bugatti’s most famous models are the Type 35 Grand Prix automobile, the Type 41 “Royale”, the Type 57 “Atlantic”, and the Type 55 sports car.

Bugatti symbolizes the pinnacle of automobile design and engineering. Recently, it has launched its first showroom in Singapore to better serve its growing customer base in Asia. The island city-state of Singapore in maritime Southeast Asia boasts one of the world’s most prosperous and stable economies. Throughout the pandemic, numerous high-net-worth individuals have chosen to relocate and stay in Singapore for lengthy periods or settle permanently, further bolstering the regional economy and boosting the demand for high-end luxury products.

The breath-taking, ultra-modern architecture of Singapore, including Le Nouvel Ardmore, the Wallich Residence, and The Sail at Marina Bay, to name just a few highlights, resonates with the brand’s headquarters in Molsheim, France. Within the Bugatti Atelier, the marque’s hyper sports cars are meticulously constructed to each customer’s precise specifications in pristine conditions, more akin to a working theatre than a vehicle factory. The Bugatti premises are still located in Molsheim.

Captivating Physical Presentations

Bugatti’s new Southeast Asian headquarters is situated south of the Singapore Botanic Gardens and was flawlessly completed to the exceptional standards required to fulfill the company’s new visual identity. The enterprise is in cooperation with Wearnes, a premium vehicle store founded in 1906. The showroom has already opened its doors to insightful admirers of the brand.

As guests enter through the doors of the new Bugatti showroom in Singapore, they encounter an environment filled with the spirit of Bugatti, past and present. The Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport1 features as a magnificent showpiece. With its luxurious design and quad-turbocharged W16 engine, the Bugatti Chiron2 is the fastest, most powerful, and most premium production super sports vehicle in Bugatti’s more than 110-year history.

Visitors can engage themselves in that rich narrative through a variety of evocative physical presentations, specifically selected works of art, and innovative films and animations. Bugatti Singapore’s personnel can organize individual visiting appointments. During their visit, consumers can employ the latest digital technology and elegantly designed soft-touch portfolios, luxurious leather swatches, and brilliant color samples to build their personalized model configuration.

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