Custom Stickers To Build A Strong Brand Identity

4 Ways To Use Custom Stickers To Build A Strong Brand Identity

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One of the ways a business can stand out in the saturated market is by having a solid brand identity. This is because having one can allow customers to distinguish them right away. Moreover, having a unique brand image can help set you apart from the competition and build strong relationships with your target audience. 

While many strategies can improve your brand identity, marketing collaterals such as custom stickers have been considered failproof. From many decades ago until modern business settings, these printed stickers allow people to recognize and acknowledge your brand based on the logo and design. 

Fortunately, there are various ways you can elevate your stickers, making them catchier and more creative. The key is to utilize them in different marketing and promotional activities as well as business events.

Furthermore, here are a few different ways you can incorporate custom stickers for your business to stabilize your brand identity:

1. Distribute Stickers During Trade Shows

It’s common for businesses to participate in promotional events like trade shows to reach out to customers effectively and help generate more leads. And during these events, you’ll need to prepare marketing collaterals that can support your brand identity efforts even more. As such, it might be helpful to use custom design stickers.

Handing out branded stickers with eye-catching designs that people can connect to is one of the many ways you can generate traffic at your trade show booth. And with this approach, thinking out of the box can go a long way. You can incorporate unique graphics, colors, and designs into the stickers to make them more distinct and adored by your target audience.

Custom stickers can be a great way to distinguish your business from other vendors. They can also be an excellent giveaway that attendees can apply or stick to their personal belongings or share with their families and friends, thus organically spreading the word about your business.

2. Use Them For Your Reward Programs

Custom stickers can also be used as a reward for loyalty programs you may be implementing. You can reward your most loyal customers by giving them branded stickers featuring your company’s logo. You can get a free logo maker online. Moreover, to boost customer engagement, you can also host contests, giving them the chance to win stickers. 

For instance, the more they purchase your products and services, the more points they earn, which can be redeemed through stickers, t-shirts, and other merchandise that showcase your brand. It could be a win-win marketing strategy for you as it can yield customer loyalty and boost brand identity at the same time.

3. Sell Stickers As Brand Merchandise

A strategy you can use to boost your business brand is merchandise. And to uplift their value, you can launch them as limited editions or must-own items. Your loyal customers would likely want to keep their hands on your merch since there’s a limited volume produced and sold. For instance, custom stickers can be printed in limited numbers so users would feel that they own unique products. The more valuable the item, the more likely they want to collect it.

Custom stickers can also increase impulse purchases at the register or checkout. You can display these items in the cash register area so people could be attracted to buy them upon checkout of their other items. On the other hand, you can also post and sell your custom stickers on your social media account to entice users and get them to be interested in your business.

4. Use Stickers On Product Packaging

Another way you can utilize stickers to generate brand identity is by using them on your packaging. Whether you sell in brick-and-mortar stores or an eCommerce site, you’ll need stickers to seal your product packaging. It could be an effective tool to showcase your brand and message inside and outside of the boxes or bags. Fortunately, there are diverse ways to prepare your packaging through stickers. 

More so, when handling high-volume shipments in multiple cities or countries, you may need to prepare your cargo for ocean freight or other modes of transportation. As such, it is essential to label your packages properly. You can then place stickers on them that include all your company and contact information. In addition, adding your social media profiles and other means by which your customers can reach you can be helpful. Ideally, the use for your stickers on product packaging is to use them as sealers, so it should be the first thing they see as they unbox the package.

On top of that, you can also include a couple of complimentary custom stickers inside the package. It can be a token of appreciation for patronizing your business. Your customers can also use these stickers on everyday items like drinking bottles, mugs, gadgets, bags, and more. And with that, brand awareness can be significantly increased as more stickers are visible to more people.

Wrapping Up

There are plenty of ways custom stickers can help strengthen and boost your business brand identity. Despite their low cost, they can actually be effective as a marketing tool to bring brand awareness and spread the word about your business. The key is to create unique and creative sticker designs that can inspire your target audience to use them and stick them in their belongings, showcasing them and your brand to more people.

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