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What’s the present threat in the real estate investments?

The biggest threat in the real estate sector is both investors and buyers having access to finance. Even though the lending interest rates are low, the lender’s standards change the way expenses are estimated now. This has resulted in having a negative impact on the availability of credit. According to Susan Farquhar, the Managing Director of Calla Property—loan to value ratio (LVR) used by lenders overlooks lender behavior, which tends to prioritize mortgage payments over everything else. Evaluating a person based on their spending neglects the reality and responsibility that comes with having a mortgage. Considering such wide range of aspects, a good property advisor is essential to guide people in achieving their financial goals via real estate investments.

How Calla Property works as a helping hand to eliminate aforementioned threats?

Focused on a research-driven methodology and having high quality properties starting from as little as $300K AUD, Susan’s firm—Calla Property is dedicated to assisting clients to reach their financial goals through property investments. It might sound simple to find the right property to invest in, but to truly select a property that has the potential to give solid returns is complex and challenging. With years of experience and the application of research methodology, Calla Property Insights, Susan and her team facilitates clients to minimise investment risk and gain more returns by searching and selecting the best property for clients’ real estate investment strategy.

Calla Property provides its clients with a dedicated account manager who manages its clients’ “Wealth Creation Team”. This team comprises the professionals involved in the property acquisition process, including the mortgage broker, property lawyer, building inspector, property manager, financial planner, accountant, and any other referral partner essential to guarantee a smooth transaction. The account manager monitors the entire process from Expression of Interest i.e. initial transaction documents to the successful settlement of the property and discovery of the first tenant. The company essentially benefits clients who are busy professionals and are used to outsourcing specialty services. This benefits all of Calla Property’s clients, in particular its overseas clients who do not have the time to efficiently manage the buying/settling/renting process.

What was the motivation behind establishing Calla Property?

It was the time when Susan was in her 20s. Filled with a passion to build her wealth through property portfolio growth invested in the wrong property, at the wrong time, and in the wrong location. Further, she also invested 5 times more in the nearby areas where she lived. However, due to bad market conditions, her investments failed and consequently, she had to sell down her portfolio as a payment to clear her debt.

Susan didn’t stop there and learning from that experience, she confidently stood up to fight the situation. To further understand what went wrong, Susan started her research about the key factors required to invest in the right property. The outcome of this research was Calla Property Insights, which is currently an award-winning approach used by Calla Property to rate property for its master portfolio. Today, due to her extensive research and dedication in building Calla Property Insights, Susan is known as one of the country’s leading investment property experts. The unique platform eliminates the guesswork and offers clients a holistic and detailed approach to creating an investment property.

Which ways the Founder and Calla Property assist clients and Society?

The team at Calla Property regularly strives to inform clients through posts on social media such as Facebook and LinkedIn. In addition to providing the right property insights for clients investment needs, the dedicated founder and her company also work towards adding value to the society. Susan contributes in free education seminars for the public. Through Calla Property, Susan has partnered with The Children’s Education Foundation to educate and support the girls in Vietnam. The firm pays the cost of education of deprived families to stop the sex trafficking of girls. Calla Property offers workshops to assist businesses in having a better understanding of the power of property investment. Alongside this, Susan attends schools and companies’ lunch-box sessions to increase more value to their contribution.

For such valuable contributions, Susan has been featured in over 100 media outlets from newspapers and radio to TV. As a well-versed property specialist, Susan is making a noteworthy change to the property sector in Australia. She has also developed the key points of macro research that helps identify the timing of property markets. Today, her leading investment property company boasts significant achievements: Top 10 Property Specialists in Australia, NSW Business Chamber for Excellence in Innovation, Insiders Know-How: Property Investment Australia, 50 Unsung Heroes of Australian Business.

How millennial entrepreneurs can start their business in the real estate?

According to the leading investment property expert, Susan Farquhar—millennial entrepreneurs should not start their business while they are still young and learning. Credibility, integrity, and experience are the important ingredients needed to deal with clients’ wealth creation strategy. The MD of Calla Property further asserts, “To improve your knowledge, getting a degree in economics, commerce or financial planning is a good head start for your business.”

Therefore, Susan’s remarks suggest that aspiring entrepreneurs need to gain in-depth insights into property markets and research that goes into picking markets and types of property. Finally, she adds,” Instead of starting a business, millennials would benefit more from seeking out a mentor in this sector and learning from a trusted and respected adviser.”



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