CEIPAL: Re-inventing the Recruitment and HR Management with Intuitive Digital Solutions


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US-based CEIPAL makes the use of these tools to provide recruiters with easy-to-use recruiting & workforce management software that address all their concerns related to human resources. The leading HR Tech company has over 100 employees globally, with headquarters in Rochester, New York— Research and Development in Hyderabad, India—and a Sales Office in New York City.

Recruiting and keeping hold of top talent is always a top priority at the same time a challenge for organizations. Employees being actual performers of a company—their work outputs are the ultimate outcomes of the organizations, and therefore to generate excellent outcomes, it is momentous to keep employees satisfied and unexcelled. A few years ago, employee demographics, diversity, profiles, and preferences were all drastically different from the present situation. One can easily observe the dynamic behavior of the new age workplace culture and the daunting task of managing it.

In this time of the digital revolution, HR managers around the world have started adopting technologies to make their work easier and make better decisions. These days, there’s an app for everything and this statement couldn’t be truer when it comes to workforce management in a company. However, technology has the capacity to bring a significant revolution in human resources. In fact, it is redefining the concept of the recruitment process with advanced tools like the applicant tracking software, rapid workflow and time management, engagement, and communication.

Intelligent Talent and Workforce Management Solutions at CEIPAL

When CEIPAL was established, the main focus of its team was to build exceptional software that is fast, secure, easy-to-use, and affordable—solving problems that had been affecting the staffing & recruiting industry. With advanced business intelligence tools, CEIPAL helps management teams to make timely, educated decisions backed with data. It has a robust development team, working constantly on adding new features/functionalities and releasing new products regularly. CEIPAL solutions are built on modern, agile and nimble technologies and methods to ensure impeccable performance. Likewise, it is one of the first HCM platforms to be a SOC2 Type II certified company.

Currently, CEIPAL has two flagship platforms—TalentHire and WorkForce supporting over 100,000 users (as of February 2018), automating and streamlining their work processes every day. The TalentHire is a fully integrated, intelligent solution for recruitment professionals with extensive integrations, automated workflows, and mobile capabilities. Similarly, this solution quickly identifies vacancies and promptly sources and screens applicants. Further, it places and digitally onboard applicants through a fully integrated applicant tracking system.

While CEIPAL’s other flagship platform is considered—The workForce is an all-in-one staff management system specially designed for staffing firms. With comprehensive compliance, finance, and employee management system, both the platforms offer the best-in-class security with dedicated support empowering the users to leverage the platforms to their fullest extent.

Founder’s Journey of Bringing Digital Technology for HR Transformation

The Founder of CEIPAL, Sameer Penakalapati believes in the methodology of providing more than clients’ expectations. He excelled in the business with his passion to build technology products for small and medium scale businesses. Prior to CEIPAL, Sameer established Avani Technology Solutions Inc., which was recognized for its growth and secured the place on the Inc. 5000 list every year since 2014. Similarly, it appeared on the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 list for the last two years in a row. In 2015, Sameer founded CEIPAL with the mission to transform the conventional HR space.

According to Sameer, digital technology alone is not enough for an HR transformation. There is a great need for a digital mindset for a successful transformation. Such a mindset is useful across the whole organization from the newly appointed employees, present workforce, to the people at C-level. Therefore, at CEIPAL, Sameer strives to serve clients with the best digital solutions developed by his dedicated support and onboarding teams. For instance, CEIPAL’s WorkForce tool has additional features including employee feedback, internal social media, and a provision of conducting surveys. These features help to keep employee engagement levels and productivity at their peak and inject fun and excitement in their routine jobs. This also proves that the CEIPALS approach has been successfully implemented in the company.

The Vision of Doubling the Market Share with New Product Launches

Taking the legacy of their flagship products, Sameer and his team are all set to launch CEIPAL VMS this year. CEIPAL VMS will be used as a portal that will enable companies to manage their job requirements with their vendors. This will be the next step of the company in the human capital management software space. Importantly, the CEIPAL team will be focusing on a punch-line—“Everything is 2X!” for their plans to capture a significant market share and doubling their existing numbers. Likewise, Sameer believes that in a world that’s digitizing at an extremely fast pace, the current speed of HR digitization is not adequate.

Furthermore, he draws attention to the fact that employee and company engagement has a top priority in the talent acquisition and employee management. Therefore, HR organizations need to start with advance tech-oriented ideas that produce high impact and low efforts while focusing on the employees and end-users. Finally, when asked about the key HR Tech trends for this year, Sameer explained that the impact of technologies on HR will be a vital trend because it will help in shaping the advanced human resource solutions.

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