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Today, the challenge before companies is not about how many physical servers they have but is more about their capability to manage cloud networks. Most importantly, cloud computing has the ability to convert capital expenses into operational expenses. Therefore, cloud computing is turning out to be the biggest empowerment of the century, providing a platform for all innovations and technologies to get built upon it. Joining the army, to support organizations connect, analyze, and manage all the data, Centilytics was formed.

The term cloud computing is trending for last few years and its popularity increasing day by day. It helps businesses save money as the services are free from capital disbursement and there is no huge cost of hardware. Moreover, cloud computing provides security and flexibility with handy access to the data through smartphones and other devices. It also offers a shared and virtualized infrastructure that is easily scalable. 

Centilytics Automated Platform to Increase the Efficiency of the Cloud

Centilytics, headquartered in Dover, Delaware, was started off with the prime focus on cloud cost management. Incepted in 2016, it is a fully automated cloud management platform that assists in governance, automation, security, and offers cloud optimization solutions to cut down unnecessary cloud spend with 360-degree visibility, useful recommendations and much more. The platform identifies loopholes in the cloud infrastructure and puts the resources into the best possible utilization to reduce wastage. Moreover, it checks the whole infrastructure for threats and malicious attacks, identifies inadequacies in the cloud, and assures complete accuracy in the cost allocation. Besides, Centilytics has marked its presence in Cloud Cost Monitoring, RI planner, Cloud Management & Governance, Cloud Optimization, Cloud Management, Cloud Security, AWS, and Azure.

Solutions Making Businesses Better

Centilytics is a fully automated SaaS-based cloud solution provider that helps reducing operational expenses and enhances business efficiency. The platform serves 5 key solutions comprising of cloud visibility, optimization & allocation, cloud automation, governance & reporting, and security & health. Moreover, the platform is designed in such a way that it processes gigabytes of the data and detects deep cost and usage correlations. Further, it offers cost visibility, event visibility, and utilization visibility along with service-wise analysis, data transfer analysis, etc.

The novelty platform through its cloud automation reduces human struggles on operational events by providing workload scheduling, lifecycle management, and automated backups. In addition, it fixes infrastructure and automates workflow management. It also provides easy governance and control over cloud as it is equipped with advanced budgeting and reporting systems. Besides, the platform prevents, detects, and counters the factors holding business back and ensures that the cloud remains stable, secure, and compliant.

Listening to Voice of Customers to Serve Better

To form a rigid business strategy, it is momentous to know the need of markets and get updated accordingly. For leaders, it is very important to attend the customer along with analysts, cloud providers, and other impacts to understand the market. It is essential to know the failures as well as successes along with other concerns regarding cloud to understand the need of the customer. To strengthen its strategies, Centilytics has a dedicated customer adoption team that emphasises on interacting with customers and the industry to discover new ways to fulfil customer needs.

Achievements Encourage to Go Further 

The greatest success for any organization is its rapid growth and in the case of Centilytics, in just two years from its inception, it is a team of 30 members, helping over 70 medium and large organisations. Last year, the cloud billing it managed for customers has grown by over 15 times and with all high-class services, the company is moving towards becoming a one-stop solution for businesses to manage their entire multi-cloud infrastructure. Moreover, the firm envisions becoming a universal layer on top of any hybrid cloud, serving customers in making decisions like where to deploy, how to deploy, and then help them manage the same deployment.

In 2019, Centilytics intends to introduce Google as a capability in their platform. Since its main goal is customer satisfaction, Centilytic’s team is also working on an idea of building deep integration capabilities with numerous SaaS offerings, which will allow customers to get real-time monitoring, service request management, and provisioning capabilities through their console using preferred solution.

CPO Maintaining Quality of Customer Experience

Leaders play the most important role in the growth of an organization; their vision is what makes the difference. Shruti Agnihotri, the Chief Product Officer of Centilytics, leads the product management team and is responsible for product development. Additionally, she is also ensures the quality of customer experience. Further, the dynamic leader has experience in product planning & expansion, operations, relationship management, and logistic coordination. With such an experience, Shruti brings great enthusiasm and energy to her team and focuses on maintaining customer relations and value creation.

Future of Tech Industry

“With everything getting smart and connected, I believe ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) could be the next big disruption with AI being an in-built part of it. Look at how Google Home or Alexa have become a part of society and how cities are investing billions of dollars to become smart. Even developing countries like India are leveraging internet and IOT right to the grass root levels.”–Shruti Agnihotri

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