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The current IT landscape is evolving more rapidly than ever. In the wake of the pandemic, organizations in every industry and region are recognizing the need for a digital core to meet the current business needs. Despite the world being highly impacted by the pandemic, Christopher Carter(Founder at Approyo) believes that businesses still must continue to course without any halt. The preparation and planning in the background should continue to go on regardless of the situation. “The systems and applications we provide are essential to any business, therefore Approyo has continued to have a steady business throughout Covid-19,” affirms Christopher. Presently, many businesses have witnessed a shift and due to this more and more executives are reaching out to learn about their options when it comes to ERP systems. Approyo has been active in offering assistance to the companies by providing a 6 month grace period on the cost to help every new customer with the cash flow. “We feel their pain and want to help them,” adds Christopher.

Christopher has been a tech enthusiast from a very young age, and this is what has transpired into his career. Soon after his graduation, he started working on SAP. Being a veteran in the industry, he has experience working for and owning multiple companies in the SAP industry. Back then, the creation of SAP HANA was rumored to be a successful tool that attracted Christopher back to the industry. Thus, shortly after retirement, he leveraged this experience to establish Approyo. “There was a lack of Solutions Providers, and I saw this as a huge opportunity to help businesses succeed, which has always been a part of my dream,” said Christopher.

Delivering Uninterrupted Services

Approyo is a Global Managed Solutions Provider, working in the SAP industry space. It provides SAP solutions as a service globally to all companies in all industries. The company specializes in providing services such as Full SAP management and support to companies running or wanting to run SAP in the cloud, in a data center, or on a small scale. It also caters to companies running SAP by providing implementations, migrations, and upgrades to SAP applications such as SAP HANA, SAP S/4HANA, SAP Leonardo, etc. Christopher adds, “Our global team of SAP experts provide 24/7 SAP Basis support to our customers and partners with any problems or requests they face.”

Due to the crisis, business operations have been altered. However, Approyo is amongst the essential business and thus is continually moving forward. There have been changes in the way the teams operate but the services are functional 24/7. As regards to the preventive measures against the virus, Christopher has given the employees the option to work from home or working from the office in the headquarters of Brookfield. Even in the office premises, cleaning crews are coming to disinfect everything in order to ensure the safety of the employees. Also, social distancing is being equally practiced and as a measure, the meetings have been switched to a virtual meeting rather than in-person with the staff, customers, or partners. The team of Approyo is determined to work and provide the services efficiently and effectively around the globe.

Incredible Team of Professionals

Being the founder of Approyo, Christopher has to oversee the entire company. With time his responsibilities have inclined more towards the sales side. He leads the executive team and is actively in contact with customers and partners. Christopher emphasizes on hiring the best professionals in the industry. These skilled professionals make up the team of Approyo. Christopher proudly asserts, “My executive team is incredible, it is so good that I can be an umbrella and hold back the rain while they grow to success.”

Christopher allows the employees to run their area without any interruption and reviews the progress every week. He highlights the fact that each employee is equally passionate and shares the same drive as him that makes them work a little hard towards success. Also, the culture inside the office is very casual to ensure that the hard-working individuals have fun whilst working and at the same time keep the customers satisfied.

Utilizing the Technological Advancements

The COVID-19 crisis has created room for several opportunities for entrepreneurs. This has caused a rapid digital transformation throughout the industries. Approyo too has added Artificial Intelligence capabilities to its services portfolio. This tool will allow the team to find issues before they can even become a problem, viz. the customers’ SAP landscapes will spend less time dealing with problem-solving, and instead, experience future success. “With all the craziness that is going on in the world today, our main goal, simply put, is to help other businesses continue to grow, improve, and survive this pandemic,” asserts Christopher.

The halt of industries might have dispirited few of the aspirants but Christopher advises them not to be disheartened and push forward. It is important to be updated with technological advancements and be innovative to persist in the ERP industry. He suggests that employing the latest tools and technologies can put one ahead of the competition. “No matter what industry you are in, technology is your friend, and will help you improve in the future, so use it to your advantage,” concludes Christopher.

Message for the readers

“The fact is that although the world has been greatly affected by the pandemic, businesses still must continue to run, whether their doors are physically open or not. That is what makes Enterprise Resource Planning Systems essential to business success.”

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