CNPharm Cures Cancer Without Surgery and Side Effects

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Suppressed 99.8% of tumors effectively than existing FDA-approved pancreatic cancer drugs

For the first time, there has been an increase in the possibility of the ‘conquering of cancer’ as test results confirm. The disappearance of tumors upon administering a ‘pain-free anticancer drug.’

On June 30th, Hyundai Bioscience announced that its majority Shareholder, CNPharm, had conducted animal testing at a non-clinical CRO agency to compare the efficacy of Polytaxel, developed as a new pain-free anticancer drug, to Nab-paclitaxel. As a result of administering 20mg/kg, which is a dose within the maximum non-toxic ‘No Observed Adverse Effect Level (NOAEL),’ to Polytaxel group animals, it was confirmed that the tumor nearly disappeared upon observation of the tumor’s height decreased and flattened in two-thirds of the animals.

The study

A total of 48 animals were tested from which particularly one of the four animals, out of the six animal groups of Polytaxel administration, showed that the tumor had disappeared completely, while the tumors of three others showing to have nearly disappeared.

The administered Polytaxel dose of 20 mg/kg inhibited growth in the body by 99.8% without the side effect of weight loss to the subject caused by drug toxicity. On the other hand, even though a Nab-paclitaxel dose of 30mg/kg, 30 times greater than NOAEL, was administered, only 41.4% of tumor growth inhibition and weight loss by 0.9% was observed. Nab-paclitaxel is currently widely used as a pancreatic cancer treatment.

Also, a study published at the Global Bio Conference (GBC) last year, a dose within NOAEL of Polytaxel has proved that it is safer and more effective than Docetaxel, a candidate for pancreatic cancer treatment. There have been no cases where existing chemotherapy drugs such as Nab-paclitaxel or Docetaxel showed efficacy in animal experiments when dosed within NOAEL.

Trials on humans

The same results are confirmed in human clinical trials where patients are now able to cure their cancer with painless chemotherapy without suffering side effects from drug toxicity due to surgery or radiation therapy. This treatment is expected to replace standard chemotherapy which appeared on the medical scene in the 1950s and has been widely used thus far.

Existing anticancer therapies administer toxic drugs at levels far higher than NOAEL, and patients need a recovery period after the drugs are administered. They have a limitation in that they extend the patient’s life by reducing the size of the tumor rather than curing cancer. On the other hand, this new pain-free anticancer therapy cures cancer without side effects by continuously attacking only the tumor cells while the drug administered within the NOAEL dosage stays in the body for a long time for long circulation.



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