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What are the primary problems in the Indian real estate sector?

According to Dipty Paranjape, the Founder and Director of Cura Property Services—the real estate sector in India has been facing serious problems since the last five years. Addition of regulations like RERA, demonetisation, and GST are some of the extra stimulators to these issues. Similarly, the collapse of non-banking financial companies (NBFCs) at the end of last year has significantly impacted the housing sector. With the recent formation of the new government, expectations across the real estate sector are an all-time high as it contributes 7 percent of the country’s GDP and generates 14 percent of total employment. Thus, the real estate industry is keenly waiting for positive initiatives from the government to navigate the deep valley of challenges.

How Cura Property Services is supporting the real estate sector?

Based in Pune, Cura Property Services has been operating in the industry since 2010 and has witnessed the essential problems that buyers and sellers face during property transactions. Cura Property Services, a division of DAP Consultants Pvt. Ltd., provides exclusive services for properties in Pune, specifically owned by NRIs or NRPs (Non-Residents of Pune). Cura Property Services, Pune, India specializes in four major services including Property Management Service, Tenant Search Service, Sales Assist Service, and Buying Service. The company provides end-to-end property management services for its clients. With more than 8 years of track record in managing properties, the company has expertise in various aspects of managing a property such as legal, financial, taxation, and maintenance.

Cura’s Property Management Service ranges from finding a suitable tenant for a property, assisting with legal compliances, police verification of the tenants,  completion of society formalities, ensuring timely transfer of rent and security deposits from tenants, handling rental issues and concerns from owners, assisting with payment of utility bills to handling tenant extensions and renewals.

Similarly, in its Property Sales Assist Service, Cura doesn’t charge brokerage from buyers and Owners which encourages prospective buyers to use its services. The company also advertises properties via various digital marketing platforms and directly connects interested buyers to the sellers, making the process simple and straightforward. With its Tenant Search Service, the company handles initial inquiries from the clients and advertises and markets the property for quick downtime. It shows properties to seriously engaged parties, vets serious inquiries, and finalizes tenants after negotiation.

What was the prime motive behind establishing Cura Property Services?

Initially, the idea of establishing Cura Property Services came from Dipty’s personal experience. During her stay in Seattle, USA for about 8 years, she was handling a small venture in the food industry. That time, Dipty and her husband—Anvay Paranjape came across an innate need for managing and caretaking their properties in India. They both were in search of a reliable service provider who could manage their properties but there was a paucity of such vendors. Dipty and Anvay realised that most of the NRIs were facing similar issues due to the unavailability of quality service provider who could efficiently take care of their properties. Thus, the husband-wife duo decided to come to India and start a venture to help manage properties for NRIs living abroad.

How does Cura Property Services reach and assist its clients?

Today, along with its 9000+ clientele base, Cura Property Services has adopted professionalism and transparency in the highly unorganized and opaque real estate sector of India. Dipty and team knew that trust is the prime pillar that can only be gained through client satisfaction. People search for quality services at an affordable price point, but the crowded world of internet makes it difficult for them to find such providers.

From Dipty’s point of view, a focus on Quality and Perseverance is highly essential to be successful in this industry. Thus, it is important for quality service providers to approach the customers in need. Speaking about reaching the potential customers with a transparent approach, Dipty shares, “We strongly aim at being a trustworthy Partner for all our clients with exceptional transparency and professionalism. Similarly, we try and market these unique attributes of ours to our potential customers through various marketing mediums such as social media and other digital platforms.” Therefore, reaching the customers and providing trustworthy services has always been the USP of Cura Property Services.

In the coming days, how will Cura Property aim to improve the Indian real estate sector?

There is a serious communication gap between property owners and their buyers/tenants.

Cura Property Services is promoting transparent transactions in the real estate sector, which is further making a positive impact on the economy in the sector. Thus, the company is on a mission of connecting property owners with buyers and tenants directly while ensuring transparency. In the coming days, Cura Property Services aims to eliminate the illicit practices in the real estate sector and expand its transparent services further in the major cities of India. While explaining her vision, Dipty shares, “With our quality and professionalism, we focus on bringing more and more investments into India, in turn, helping our economy.” Her vision clearly elaborates the involvement of healthy transactions and investments in the unorganized sector of India.

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