Cybera: Securing Enterprises with Powerful Micro-Segmented Application Networks


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Organizations and consumers continue to be affected by various data breaches that threaten to expose valuable private and financial information. Distributed enterprises with hundreds or thousands of small footprint locations such as retail stores, healthcare clinics and retail banks, are particularly vulnerable. In the case of a data breach, companies are no longer just required to announce that their systems have been compromised, but they must also pay fines that could amount to a considerable percentage of their annual turnover.

As an accomplished leader with more than 30 years of experience enabling business technology, CEO of Cybera Andrew Lev asserts—“Technology and services that support and enforce well-planned business and security policies play a major role in helping protect companies and consumers from the risk of data breaches. People find ways of working around draconian and hard-to-use security approaches. Security and network solutions need to be agile, layered and non-intrusive to the business to be effective.” His organization, Cybera, offers innovative SD-WAN Edge technology which is specially built to protect distributed enterprises from a variety of security threats such as data breaches. Its cloud-based solution portfolio combines high performance with advanced security solutions and deployment agility to the widely distributed edge where there is little to no onsite IT staff.

Multiple Solutions for Every Industry

Cybera offers secure network solutions for businesses that have a significant edge presence such as retail and hospitality, healthcare, financial services and other verticals with remote locations. In such distributed environments, Cybera’s cloud-based network services platform offers an easy, non-disruptive and cost-effective way to securely deliver, test and deploy new cloud-based applications and services. While designing its solutions, the team at Cybera considers emerging trends affecting distributed enterprises and delivers a cloud-based approach to help customers take advantage of new opportunities. This allows new services to be delivered in a simple, secure and cost-effective manner.

Cybera’s SD-WAN Edge for Secure Application and IoT Networking

The highly distributed enterprise requires a different approach compared to large carpeted branch offices. The remote network edge in distributed enterprises presents unique challenges that are not well-served by traditional networking. Cybera’s SD-WAN Edge approach is primarily designed for such enterprises. The solution is ideal for the mix of critical applications and IoT needs found in remote locations such as payments, loyalty programs, omnichannel strategies, compliance, IoT deployment and back office applications across hundreds or thousands of remote sites.

Cybera’s SD-WAN Edge networks are designed to meet secure application requirements rather than just connecting sites or devices. This modern, software-based networking approach ensures security and performance while reducing the cost, disruption and complexity of delivering new applications and services to widely distributed enterprises.

Andrew and his team at Cybera have developed solutions that are delivered “as-a-service” so companies can easily and confidently operate with greater agility across their entire application ecosystem—leveraging technology and services that lets them focus on their business value.

Successfully Assisting Clients in their Ambitious Projects

Known for its work in the convenience store/petro-retail market, Cybera has helped leading global brands implement some of the world’s largest and most robust SD-WAN deployments, with several implementations in production at more than 10,000 locations. This vast customer coverage is due to its quick, easy and secure deployments of critical applications and services. Cybera has deployed one of the largest mobile pay-at-the-pump services in the world which covered more than 13,000 locations and was delivered via the cloud in just weeks, versus deploying onsite technicians to each location. Cloud delivery versus onsite technician installations produced savings of 95 percent over the alternative. This large and powerful disruptive capability is the result of leveraging Cybera’s cloud platform.

CEO’s Efforts in Bringing the Best out of Cybera’s Team

As the CEO of Cybera, Andrew uses his background in products/services and business development on a global stage. His experience is helping the company craft tailored security solutions, purpose-built for this unique and largely underserved market. Early in his career, Andrew received guidance from mentors who helped him understand the challenges to selling and supporting global solutions.

Today, Andrew’s experience gives him a global perspective to help his customers, as well as his team around the world. He strives to create a culture that fosters camaraderie and operational efficiency. To develop this kind of corporate environment, Andrew’s emphasis is on removing friction in the company’s go-to-market approach and operations, so his employees can focus on what matters. Building a great team with passion and commitment is the most important task, according to Andrew. Therefore, he hires and nurtures talent with the right balance of culture, strategy and execution. He knows that the team is key to his effectiveness as a leader. When asked about his dedication toward improving the team, Andrew says—“I work for my team and not other way around. The progress of the team leads to the growth and value of our organization.”

Strategic Growth Plans for 2019

Presently, Andrew and the team at Cybera are putting additional focus on the channel, to help scale the business. With its leading SD-WAN Edge solution, Cybera is addressing the needs of global customers and partners. Last year, Cybera opened a European office to meet a growing demand in the EMEA region. Additionally, Cybera is working with partners on new projects in Australia and South East Asia. In 2019, Cybera aims to expand its global reach by working in lock-step with existing and new channel partners.

Finally, speaking about industries that are making security investments, Andrew predicts—“Store-within-a-store will continue to evolve as a powerful retail and finance ecosystem. Large stores and retail banks are finding new and innovative ways to leverage their square footage. At the same time, retailers and banks are looking for ways to plant themselves in high-traffic areas. That is why we see mini bank branches, coffee stores and IoT kiosks appearing in busy locations like grocery stores. Our cloud-based platform is designed to fully enable all participants in the store-within-a-store ecosystem and make this complex multi-tenant environment work like a charm.”

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