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Dan Schoenbaum

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The security industry is quite dynamic in nature; companies face new challenges regularly. The spectrum of threats is so large that at times companies aren’t aware of these threats, resulting in unawareness of the scope of servers, web pages and mobile apps associated with their organization. Both legitimate and malicious assets are created by threat actors to impersonate the business’s digital presence. Because of this lack of visibility, security teams can’t protect these assets, which are inroads threat actors use to breach them. RiskIQ defined these “Digital Assets,” as anything discoverable on the web by users and hackers alike—websites, servers, frameworks, mobile apps, social media pages, third-party code, and more. Since 2008, RiskIQ’s global network of sensors has been discovering and indexing assets across the web, collecting an extensive repository of telemetry data that helps the technology operate at a massive scale.

RiskIQ is the first and last line of defense for the customers. RiskIQ is responsible for protecting the customers’ attack digital presence. It is working with 17 of the 25 largest banks in North America, 8 of the 15 largest global brands, 6 of the 20 largest high-tech businesses, and many others. RiskIQ has the ability to essentially be a search engine for threat data and index web pages, which security teams can use to uncover threats. Just like Google, RiskIQ crawl and index the entire web—over 2 billion web pages and 15 million mobile apps every day. Instead of doing it to rank websites for search, it is the only company detecting and exposing the major threats. At the same time, it is continuously mapping the internet and building a system of record for highly connected internet data that analysts can search to uncover and block attackers targeting their organizations. It does this through a vast global network of crawlers and sensors, virtual users that execute billions of HTTP requests per day, which interact with the web exactly how a real user (or hacker) would.

Empowering Security Teams to Fight Attacks

Understanding the modern day challenges in the security industry, Dan Schoenbaum, President and COO of RiskIQ strongly believes in taking responsibility seriously for protecting the customers from cyber-attacks. Further to understand the massive scope of attacked surface, an organization needs to have an inventory of everything they own as it helps RiskIQ to develop an effective threat management strategy to protect it. It offers tools providing insights and visibilities into the assets, leverage internet data to discover everything associated with an organization on the internet, both legitimate and malicious, and monitor them for compromise to help bring the massive scope of an attack surface into focus.

With more than 23 years of leadership experience in high-growth software companies, Dan leads Sales, Marketing and Customer success functions. Formerly, Dan led many leading experience such as Cooladata, Redbooth and Tripwire. He helped Redbooth to grow from startup to over 1M paying users worldwide and later it was acquired by AeroFS. He was also First Sergeant and a sniper in the Israeli paratroopers. RiskIQ consists of a team of high caliber employees with a high potential to grow, Dan’s background in going to market with strategic security platform aligns perfectly with the RiskIQ.

Accepting the New Challenges

Today’s threat landscape is complex and requires a team with a range of skills and experiences to tackle. Further, appreciating the importance of team, he says, “Every day, I have the pleasure of working with talented software engineers, data scientists, threat researchers, security analysts, and customer success representatives with backgrounds ranging from high tech to military to top-secret government clearance.” At RiskIQ, they follow three tenants, ‘customer first’ believes in centralizing its focus on customer’s demand and requirements. Second is being ‘passionate and curious’ enough to understand the new challenges and learn with every milestones and project. Thirdly, ‘getting the hands dirty’ is a belief in team work and accepting new challenges. RiskIQ truly believes in these tenants, Dan says, “We continue to innovate while keeping our customers’ attack surfaces our top priority.”

Proactive Approach to Defend the Upcoming Challenges

With years of experience in cybersecurity, Dan has learned that to be a successful company in cybersecurity, it needs to spend on surveillance and reconnaissance tools that show them their digital presence the way it looks to attackers. As the collection of digital assets is widespread, it’s easy for hackers to discover as they research their next threat campaigns. Millions of these digital assets appear on the internet every day, most of which are entirely outside the scope of organizations’ security visibility. Moreover, there are certain tools that help in providing insights and visibilities into these assets leverage internet data to discover everything associated with an organization on the internet, both legitimate and malicious and monitor them for compromise to help bring the massive scope of an attack surface into focus. Further, Dan says, “Think of it as the digital version of eyes in the sky that unmanned drones provide modern soldiers. With this view, organizations can take a proactive approach to defend their organizations and, if necessary, take the fight to the enemy rather than waiting to be breached.”

Plaguing Modern Cybersecurity

As a military veteran, Dan likes a combat analogy to describe the problem plaguing modern cybersecurity. Like real-world warfare, which evolved from confronting enemies on confined battlefields with clearly defined battle lines to widespread conflicts spanning the entire globe, the cyber battlefield has grown exponentially in size and scope. Unfortunately, despite needing to defend everything from the corporate network to the outer reaches of the internet, CISOs still spend significant money securing their perimeter, employing an average of 35 tools to do so. But this is mostly a reactive approach, and it no longer works.

Threat actors target organizations’ brands, employees, and customers with tactics such as phishing, malicious mobile apps, and hacking internet-facing assets like websites and web components. For this reason, the next 3-5 years will be defined by internet data—who can get it, how long have they been collecting it, and how well they can analyze it to map an organization’s attack surface and detect threats in the wild. In 2020, its goal is to continue to establish attack surface management as a category and grow the market. RiskIQ knows an attack surface management program isn’t just nice to have; it’s a necessity.

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