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Prior to the digital transformation, organizations used to follow traditional marketing to make the audience aware of their brand. But now, everything is changed; the adoption of digital practices to enhance communication just being the beginning. Today, firms are using a unique combination of traditional marketing methods like print ads in magazines, billboards, radio and TV advertisements, etc. with digital marketing mediums like email blasts, banner ads, social media, Google ads, etc. to outreach their audiences.

In the marketing sector, using the aforesaid unique combo, DigiPerformance is helping its clients to get paid more for every impression. Incepted in 2017, DigiPerformance is a brand-safe digital advertising company that provides a communication platform to brands, NGOs, and political parties so that they can engage with the right target audience. It is also recognized by DIP, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, and Government of India as one of the first 2000 startups in India. Since its inception, DigiPerformance has been delivering successful outreach campaigns for its clients through innovative use of new media channels.

Providing a Comprehensive Range of Adverting Services and Solutions

India-based DigiPerformance’s major focused task is to assist its clients in managing their profiles and end-to-end campaigns while continuously developing and embracing growth. Therefore, it provides a wide range of services and solutions, which aid its patrons to optimize outreach and turn customers to their court. These services and solutions include survey, behavior analysis, qualitative research, analysis, LED video vans, poll-worker training, candidate profile, bulk SMS & emails, bulk WhatsApp, and bulk recorded voice calls. Similarly, it offers end-to-end digital advertising, customized mobile application, election management software, door-to-door campaigns, outdoor advertising, cinema advertising, and more.

DigiPerformance’s expertise lies in monetizing inventories programmatically and delivering the highest yield to publishers. Besides the standard banners, it also runs its own innovative monetization ad units. Due to the extensive benefits of its services, publishers associate with the company exclusively on ad spots or they provide their complete traffic. To further aid its clients, the digital advertising company has access to over five billion impressions (each month) across desktop, mobile and video, procured from premium content sites in India.

A Professional Team Striving to Thrive and Grow

The professional team of DigiPerformance consists of 50 members who proactively work on the SSP, DSP, AMP, and digital ad exchange. Manish Jha, the Founder, and Gyanesh Jha, the Co-founder, together with their team have been working in accordance to the company’s tagline, “We Connect People with Brands vis-à-vis”. The team creates a comprehensive adverting/marketing strategy that goes beyond social media and digital ads, thereby helping their clients to increase their reach and elevate their brand in terms of customer experience and outreach. They constantly scrutinize the current market trends and business status quo through extensive research. To stay up-to-date with the hottest market trends, DigiPerformance always review their performances, evaluate weak points, seek upcoming opportunities, analyze industry/ resource threat every quarter, and then, take suitable actions.

A Dynamic Leader with Extensive Expertise in Marketing and Brand Management

Manish has 15+ years of experience with earned skills in Brand Management, Marketing Strategy, Digital Marketing, Marketing, Market Research, Media Planning, Marketing Communications, Marketing Management, Project Planning, Brand Development, and Product Management, to name a few. After getting his postgraduate degree in business management, the skilled leader got an opportunity to launch Airtel’s broadband services in his hometown. This project was the foundation of his career in marketing and brand management field. Prior to the establishment of DigiPerformance, the Founder worked with big corporates in consumer, telecom and IT/Ites industry for 12 years. As a marketer, he has always been interested in innovating new mediums to reach consumers. So, his thirst for fresh thoughts has helped him to connect well with the media.

As the Founder of DigiPerformance, Manish’s first and foremost challenge has been to manage resources and expectation between customer, employees, and family. As every startup faces numerous obstacles, Manish also faced similar obstacles while running the company. According to Manish, his toughest challenge was to deliver the first order on time and then converting the same customers to long-term clients. The skilled leader conquered this challenge through his sheer commitment and having a regular dialogue with all stakeholders.

Additionally, Manish shares his thoughts on if given an opportunity to change something in the industry.  The change he wants to implement is about building a stronger and greater understanding relationship between client and delivery partner.  

Present and Upcoming Opportunities in the Marketing Sector

Today, with the help of new media and technologies, an advertiser can reach the right audiences. As consumers and voters are easily engaging with new media and technology, the dynamic leader says that a small number of people do not use any type of new media like WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, etc. Using digital media has become a trend now, which is useful for those who want to reach out to their targeted audience and make them aware of their brand. With the right analysis of new media, organizations can expand their customer base, gain a competitive edge, and increase their revenue. Based on this scenario, the Founder comments, “There are plenty of opportunities coming in the industry, especially in brand management and campaigns using new media. We see brands and political clients evolving and becoming fearless when it comes to using new media and technologies to communicate with target audience or voters.”

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