Dinesh Agaskar: Charting the Course of Innovation and Success in IT & Telecom

Dinesh Agaskar

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Dinesh Agaskar, Founder and CEO of Nemara, is an entrepreneurial leader with a remarkable track record in enhancing operational efficiency and customer experience. Over the past 23 years, Dinesh has consistently driven business success across various industries. Notably, he has excelled in the IT and telecom sectors, where his leadership has significantly boosted margins and doubled turnover in the last five years.

An alumnus of the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Kozhikode, Dinesh holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Management with a focus on Digital Transformation from the National University of Singapore. He also possesses a Google certification in Fundamentals of IT Management, solidifying his expertise in the field.

Dinesh’s career demonstrates his ability to implement strategic initiatives that deliver tangible results. His keen insight into market trends and customer needs has enabled him to spearhead projects that optimize business operations and enhance service delivery. Under his leadership, the companies he has led have consistently achieved superior performance and growth.

Leading Through Strategy, Client Engagement, and Employee Development

As CEO, Dinesh starts his day early, reviewing key performance metrics and updates from his executive team. He spends a significant portion of his time in strategy meetings, aligning the company’s long-term goals with current market trends and client needs. Dinesh holds one-on-one discussions with team leaders to address challenges, ensuring every team member can contribute their best ideas.

Client engagement is another critical aspect of Dinesh’s role. He meets directly or calls virtually to ensure the company consistently meets client expectations. “The most rewarding part of my role is seeing the tangible impact of our solutions on clients’ success and growth,” says Dinesh.

Dinesh is also deeply committed to fostering a culture of continuous learning and innovation within the company. He gains immense satisfaction from seeing employees thrive and develop. He believes a motivated and skilled workforce is key to sustained business success.

Driving Innovation in IT Consultancy

Nemera meets the diverse needs of its clients with a strong emphasis on service and solutions. The company delivers high-quality IT and telecom services that drive growth and efficiency for businesses across the Asia-Pacific region.

Dinesh founded Nemera in the year 2000, naming it to symbolize a new era in management: “Ne” for New, “M” for Management, and “Era” for Era. Since then, Nemera has established itself as a leading IT consultancy in Thailand. Nemera offers a comprehensive range of services, including integration, commissioning, customization, and maintenance.

Moreover, Nemera’s clients are large enterprises, such as IBM and ExxonMobil, that need assistance developing, upgrading, customizing, and maintaining their technology solutions. In a rapidly changing technological landscape, Nemera provides the expertise needed to keep up with trends without clients having to maintain their back-end structures. Consequently, this approach allows clients to stay ahead in their industries while focusing on their core business operations.

Leadership through Challenges

Dinesh has faced many challenges in his career that have significantly shaped his growth as a leader. One early hurdle was the rapid technological advancements in the IT and telecom sectors. To stay ahead, he needed to learn and adapt continuously. “I invested heavily in ongoing education,” Dinesh says, reflecting on the effort needed to keep pace. He fosters an innovative culture within his company, ensuring they stay at the forefront of industry developments.

Another significant challenge was scaling Nemera while maintaining core values and high service standards. As the company grew, it was crucial to implement robust processes and build a strong leadership team that could uphold their commitment to excellence. “I focused on hiring top talent and empowering them with the autonomy and resources they needed to succeed,” Dinesh explains.

Furthermore, managing economic downturns and market volatility has been a recurring challenge. In response, he developed a resilient business model, diversified services, and maintained a flexible approach to adapt quickly to changing market conditions. These strategies helped Nemera survive tough times and positioned the company for sustainable growth.

Strength in Diversity: Nemera’s Multifaceted Team Driving Innovation 

The team at Nemera is a diverse group of highly skilled professionals, each bringing unique expertise and perspectives to the table. This diversity is one of the company’s greatest strengths. The team includes experts from various fields, such as software development, network engineering, cybersecurity, and customer service.

“We have a team that can approach problems from multiple angles,” Dinesh says proudly. This varied expertise allows Nemera to come up with innovative solutions that address a wide range of client needs. The collaborative environment fosters creativity and ensures that the company stays ahead in the fast-evolving IT and telecom sectors.

Digital Transformation and Document Management in Southeast Asia

Dinesh sees a bright future for document management and digital transformation in Thailand and Southeast Asia. As the region experiences rapid economic growth and digital adoption, he observes a significant shift toward more sophisticated digital solutions.

“Digital transformation in Southeast Asia is driven by increased internet penetration, the proliferation of mobile devices, and supportive government policies,” Dinesh notes. This transformation reshapes the business landscape, with more companies embracing digital tools to stay competitive.

In terms of document management, Dinesh highlights the growing emphasis on secure, scalable, and integrated systems. “Businesses are moving away from traditional paper-based processes to digital platforms that offer seamless collaboration, real-time access, and robust security features,” he explains. These advancements improve efficiency and ensure data security.

Strategies for Achieving Work-Life Balance

Dinesh believes a perfect work-life balance is crucial for long-term productivity and personal well-being. He prioritizes his time and sets clear boundaries to devote himself fully to both professional responsibilities and personal interests. “I plan my days meticulously, ensuring that my work schedule is productive and efficient,” Dinesh explains, highlighting the importance of effective time management. This approach allows him to dedicate quality time to his family and personal pursuits without feeling overwhelmed.

Dinesh delegates responsibilities to his team to maintain a work-life balance. Trusting his colleagues empowers them and frees him to focus on strategic decisions and personal time. He also leverages technology to stay connected and manage work remotely when necessary, providing flexibility in his schedule.

Outside of work, Dinesh enjoys several hobbies that help him unwind and recharge. Reading, golfing, and music are among his favorite activities. These hobbies provide a creative outlet and a source of relaxation, allowing him to clear his mind, stay active, and find inspiration beyond the office.

Guiding Principles for Success in IT and Telecom Leadership

Dinesh offers valuable advice for aspiring leaders in the evolving IT and Telecom landscape. He emphasizes the importance of embracing change and continuous learning. “Stay ahead through ongoing education and adaptability,” he advises.

Dinesh encourages leaders to remain open to new ideas and technologies, fostering innovation and personal growth. He underscores the significance of cultivating trust with colleagues, clients, and partners. Success in any industry relies on collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Furthermore, Dinesh stresses the importance of resilience and agility in navigating challenges. “Maintain a positive attitude and be adaptable,” he suggests, highlighting the need for resilience in adversity and an agile approach to seizing new opportunities.


“Success in any industry is built on strong, trusting relationships—whether with colleagues, clients, or partners.”

“Challenges and setbacks are inevitable, but how we respond to them defines our success.”

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