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Earlier, start-ups were not easily accepted in the industry. But today, the tables have turned around, most business start-ups begin from a blueprint, marketing strategies, and budgeting to establish themselves in the industry. Dr.Sheeba Karthick, Founder and CEO of Liara had some different plans, the company started overnight with a small spark of thought that came up in her mind. Back in 2016, when Sheeba lived in Dubai, she faced an unfortunate event, when she noticed the faltering vision in her left eye and her ophthalmologists was unable to find the exact root cause of it. With their advice, she traveled to India for further diagnosis and treatment.  

Indian ophthalmologist identified that the harmful synthetic chemical substance and residues in the eye makeup product used by Sheeba have caused the real damage to her eyesight. After a long span of two years, she was completely cured after prolonged surgical procedures and medical treatment. As a pre-qualified cosmetologist, beauty therapist, color therapist, herbalist, aromatherapist, and natural skin science specialist, she decided to invent the safest alternatives for such synthetic chemical cosmetics and personal care products.

A Ray of Hope in Cosmetics and Personal Care Products

After extensive researches and studies along with a team of qualified medical professionals and researchers, Sheeba was able to invent 100% natural, organically pure, authentic ayurvedic, aromatherapeutic, vegan & unisex cosmeceuticals and nutraceuticals that got branded as “Liara” in March 2018. The brand named LIARA signifies a ray of light from the outer space. Since its inception, the company has been a ray of hope to eradicate the carcinogenic effects and other harmful side effects of synthetic chemical cosmetics and personal care products.

The initial days for the company were extremely tough as there was a strong objection, opposition, and criticism from women in India, as they were made to believe that expensive Branded cosmetics are always safe, irrespective of what they are made of. To further understand the situation, Sheeba made herself a member of many groups on social media and she was shocked to know that most women are charmed by the makeup & skincare tutorials uploaded by celebrities who do not possess any relevant qualifications or experience in the field of cosmetology and dermatology. Most of the synthetic cosmetics that pose harmful health hazards were made popular only through celebrity videos and some beauty care professionals who have huge followers on social media.

Trusted in Knowledge And Potential

Lack of science education among many such women (especially in the field of beauty care, makeup, and grooming) is the key reason for some cosmetic giants to dump their products in the Indian market without being questioned about their safety levels. There is no force more powerful than a woman who is determined to rise by herself. Ultimately, she won by making the consumers in India realize the importance of Organic & Ayurvedic cosmeceuticals through the performance, purity, and safety levels of her inventions and thus made them switch completely to these alternatives in 2019, after a yearlong stint. With the continuous support and encouragement of her family, who fully trusted in her knowledge and potential, she was able to make LIARA, the first and foremost Indian Brand that pioneered in offering  100% natural, authentic ayurvedic, unisex, vegan, aromatherapeutic & cruelty-free cosmeceuticals and nutraceuticals for holistic health care at affordable prices.

Breaking The Stereotypes

Today, LIARA is the one and the only brand that offers both external and internal solutions with strong therapeutic values, to help treat skin and hair concerns of all genders and age groups. It is rated as Asia’s best and fastest-growing Ayurvedic personal care brand, with a global distribution network in major countries like the USA, UK, UAE, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, and France. Liara began with core values of innovation (and not imitation), purity, authenticity, honesty, and affordability which makes the company stand out from other companies. Its mission is to replace all harmful personal care and wellness solutions in the world with the safest alternatives from its products makes it one of the loved products in the market. The company offers 150 unique products for skin, hair & body care through the online stores, pharmacies, medical professional networks, and showrooms. The company also provides free cosmetology training and ayurvedic aesthetics training to transgender refugees to elevate their personal living standards and help them earn a decent living by breaking the stereotypes.

Creating A Joyful Working Atmosphere

The attributes to Sheeba’s success are her inborn leadership skill, educational qualifications, life experiences, and her perseverance. She further explains, “To make any business successful one needs to be highly dedicated, fully concentrated, focused and self-motivated to accomplish their vision. I never took a step back from my mission in any tough situation. I dedicate my entire time and efforts towards making my business successful and to keep up my promises to the consumers by maintaining our values and standards throughout. My success mantra is “ Try, Try and Try again until you succeed, and stop not once you become successful! ”

Sheeba leads her all team members considering as one family with a common goal and hence they progress by helping each other achieve their tasks and the common mission smoothly. She never differentiated the struggles of other team members from her’s. Being an expert Psychologist, Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapist, and professional HAPPINESS COACH, she ensures that she always creates a joyful working atmosphere for the team and employees at all levels, right from the janitor to the top executives. She says, “I have trained our entire team in such a way that everyone remains a multi-tasker and are capable of helping anyone in their tough time or absence, and also motivates each other without ego.”

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