The Odyssey of Dr. Zhou Lihan: Unraveling the RNA Tapestry at MiRXES


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In the riveting chronicles of biotechnology and innovation, the story of Dr. Zhou Lihan stands out as an intricate narrative of passion, scientific rigor, and entrepreneurial spirit. Born in China and transplanted to Singapore at the tender age of 11, Dr. Zhou’s trajectory from a curious young mind to the CEO of MiRXES, a pioneering biotechnology company, is a saga woven with threads of dedication, scientific brilliance, and visionary leadership.

Chronicles of Early Life and Education

Dr. Zhou’s early years were marked by a fervent curiosity, especially in the realms of science and technology. Excelling in his studies, he embarked on an academic journey that would lay the foundation for his groundbreaking work in the field of bioengineering. After obtaining his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the National University of Singapore (NUS) in 2004, he pursued a PhD in bioengineering at NUS, culminating in 2009.

His doctoral research focused on the development of novel technologies for the detection and quantification of microRNAs – small but pivotal molecules regulating gene expression, influencing diverse biological processes and diseases.

Professional Journey: From Research to Entrepreneurship

In 2014, armed with the intellectual property developed at the Bioprocessing Technology Institute, A*STAR, and inspired by his PhD research, Dr. Zhou co-founded MiRXES. As the CEO, he assumes the mantle of steering the company’s overall strategy and global operations. Under his leadership, MiRXES has emerged as a frontrunner in RNA-powered disease early detection, offering diagnostic tests spanning cancer, cardiovascular, metabolic, and infectious diseases, as well as precision oncology.

The company’s milestones under Dr. Zhou’s stewardship include the launch of the world’s first blood test for early gastric cancer detection (GASTROClear), obtaining the CE-IVD mark for the COVID-19 diagnostic kit (Fortitude Kit 2.0), and securing a monumental US$200 million Series C funding round in 2021.

About MiRXES: Navigating RNA for Improved Lives

MiRXES, Dr. Zhou’s brainchild, operates at the intersection of innovation and life-saving solutions. With three primary divisions – MiRXES Diagnostics, MiRXES Discovery, and MiRXES Services – the company’s global footprint extends from Singapore to China, Japan, the US, and Hong Kong. A team of over 300 professionals, including scientists, engineers, clinicians, and business experts, collaboratively work towards the company’s vision of harnessing RNA for early, actionable, and personalized diagnoses.

Values That Illuminate the Path

At the core of MiRXES lies a set of guiding values – innovation, excellence, collaboration, and impact. These values embody the company’s commitment to creating avant-garde solutions addressing unmet medical needs, delivering high-quality products and services, fostering a culture of teamwork and mutual respect, and making a positive difference in the lives of patients and society at large.

Services Defining the RNA Value Chain

MiRXES offers a comprehensive suite of services spanning the entire RNA value chain:

MiRXES Diagnostics: This division pioneers RNA-based diagnostic tests for diseases like cancer, cardiovascular, metabolic and infectious diseases, and precision oncology. Tests like GASTROClear, Fortitude Kit 2.0, and MiOncoSEQ enable early detection, accurate diagnosis, and personalized treatment using minimally invasive samples.

MiRXES Discovery: Providing RNA discovery tools and services for life science research and drug development, this division equips researchers with tools like miR-Q, miRBase, and miR-Seq. These tools enable the discovery, profiling, and validation of RNA biomarkers.

MiRXES Services: Offering contract research and manufacturing services for RNA-based solutions, this division ensures quality and reliability through services such as assay development, validation, optimization, large-scale production, quality control, and regulatory support.

Vision and Mission: Sailing Toward Global Leadership

MiRXES envisions itself as a global leader in RNA-powered disease early detection and interception. The mission is clear – to improve and save lives by delivering diagnostic tests to those in need.

Dr. Zhou Lihan’s vision aligns seamlessly with that of MiRXES. His strategic pillars of innovation, quality, and accessibility echo the company’s commitment. Upholding the legacy of co-founders and adhering to the values of innovation, excellence, collaboration, and impact, Dr. Zhou leads by example. His aim is not just to steer the company but to inspire, empower, and enable others to reach their full potential.

A Symphony of RNA Innovation

Dr. Zhou Lihan’s journey with MiRXES is not just a scientific and entrepreneurial success story. It is a symphony, resonating across the vast expanse of the biotechnological landscape. In the delicate strands of RNA, Dr. Zhou and MiRXES compose a harmonious tune, not just for the advancement of science but for the betterment of lives. As the company navigates the complex RNA tapestry, guided by Dr. Zhou’s vision and propelled by its core values, it stands as a testament to the potential of technology to impact humanity positively.

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