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Blockchain technology is evolving to become a significant catalyst that could transform entire business operations. This technology is gaining popularity amongst both the public and private sectors of APAC countries as well as globally. In some tech-savvy countries, blockchain technology has started to integrate itself into the business infrastructure of organizations. Governments and organizations are getting more aware of the benefits blockchain entails, especially Cardano blockchain which is an open source public blockchain that addresses the former glitches of blockchain scalability, sustainability, and interoperability with existing public blockchains. As the commercial arm of the Cardano project, EMURGO  works in a unique affiliation with IOHK – the company responsible for technical development of Cardano, to promote Cardano’s adoption and growth of its ecosystem.

Being a pioneer in the space of blockchain, EMURGO enables pragmatic solutions by leveraging “3rd Generation Blockchain Technology—Cardano.” Since June 2017 in Tokyo, Japan and May 2018 in Singapore, the company is the official commercial and venture arm of the Cardano project. Its vision is to empower all companies and developers to create global solutions adopting blockchain technology for a better future. Presently, EMURGO is involved in systems development, education and academy, investment and accelerator, and advisory services.

Offering a Set of All-inclusive Services  

As official Cardano ADA Partner, EMURGO focuses on providing global blockchain solutions to a broad spectrum of developers and organizations across the world who want to incorporate blockchain technology into their verticals or personal careers. Hence, the company offers comprehensive services that include:

  • Tailored Systems Development: To benefit the community and a variety of stakeholders, EMURGO’s global in-house R&D team develops customized products and services like the Yoroi Wallet and Seiza Cardano block explorer. Along with this, its team works with startup ventures and enterprises alike to onboard them within the Cardano ecosystem and build tailored products & services for them.
  • Education and Academy: EMURGO supports an online/offline community through the creation and delivery of curriculum for developers, where they can learn to build on top of Cardano. It also offers a platform for developers to connect with companies enabling them to have more opportunities. Recently, it has launched an education business unit EMURGO India to address the lack of supply of blockchain developers and to meet the increasing demands of global blockchain implementation where they work with local universities and enterprises.
  • Investment & Acceleration:  EMURGO has also launched the dLab/EMURGO blockchain accelerator program with SOSV, a global venture capital firm in NYC and one of the world’s most prominent venture funds. This program incubates and accelerates promising blockchain startup projects exhibiting synergies with Cardano.
  • Advisory services: EMURGO performs general blockchain advisory missions to a wide range of potential stakeholders. When applicable, it advises companies with STOs and other token economics missions.

Additionally, the company places great emphasis on its educational offerings because it strongly believes that they need to grow awareness of blockchain technology and Cardano to lay the foundation for widespread blockchain innovation to take place and eventually drive the adoption of Cardano as the protocol of choice.

Collaborating with Leading Partners to Create Innovative Services and Host Educational Events  

As official Cardano ADA Partner and commercial arm, EMURGO has collaborated with prominent industry-leading partners like SOSV fund to create dLab/EMURGO accelerator. It has also made an anchor investment into Y2X to drive the adoption of a security token platform running on Cardano and led the integration of Cardano’s underlying ADA digital asset with market-leading Ledger wallet. To educate people about blockchain, the company has joined forces with Tokyo University of Science and made inroads into the flourishing Indian market with EMURGO India to host educational courses, workshops, hackathons, to grow Cardano blockchain awareness, and much more.

Spreading Essence of Blockchain through Social Media and Solutions

To push forward the maturation of the blockchain ecosystem, EMURGO continues the focus on creating, educating, and providing real, helpful value for its community and stakeholders to the ecosystem. Furthermore, it concentrates on delivering blockchain integrated solutions such as Yoroi wallet for ADA holders, Seiza blockchain explorer, and consistently updates Cardano-related content via its official website, Twitter, YouTube channels, and accelerates interesting blockchain projects via its dLab/EMURGO accelerator.

A Blockchain Pioneer behind EMURGO

Ken Kodama, Founder, and CEO of EMURGO established the company with a mission to drive the adoption of Cardano and add value to ADA holders by building, investing in, and advising projects or organizations that adopt Cardano’s decentralized blockchain ecosystem. In his previous line of business, Ken observed that people felt their wages and asset values were deteriorating over time and there was a lack of awareness about the new trends of tech-related assets. At the same time, blockchain technology was still in its infancy and only known by few on the internet.

Initially, Ken was doubtful about the properties of decentralization and digital assets but after spending time and digging deeper, he started realizing the vast potential of a new decentralized, programmable protocol and the huge impact it could have across a significant number of large markets such as finance, logistics, and so forth. At that point, he felt that this was the next logical advancement that would be integrated into numerous industries and the benefits of blockchain technology could not be ignored any longer. Thus, he teamed up to establish EMURGO and lead the drive of Cardano adoption.

The Need for Proficient Blockchain Developers in the Industry

In the technological world, customers are becoming more perceptive and knowledgeable than ever before due to the easy access to the Internet. According to Ken, in the blockchain industry, there is a huge demand for blockchain developers worldwide with only 107,000 blockchain developers out of a total global pool of more than 22 million software developers. Also, only a small percentage of those developers are actually proficient in blockchain development. Further, he shares, “With a good portion of blockchain technology development and enterprise adoption being done in the APAC region, a lot of that demand derives from the APAC region as well. EMURGO is focused on providing educational and blockchain solutions to address this situation.

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