Entropia launched Aladdin in joint venture with Rudra Labs

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B2C IoT service for higher growth

Entropia, the new age marketing consultancy has launched a new offering – Aladdin in a joint venture with Rudra Labs to bring Internet of Things opportunities to consumer businesses and help them drive higher growth.

Rudra Labs is expert in designing and producing IoT device platforms with deep expertise in Firmware, hardware, IoT cloud and native, as well as IoT security.

Entropia, based in Kuala Lumpur and Manila, brings its expertise to the joint venture in evolving customer value proposition, customer experience design, data and UI/UX to the fold.

Rajeev Bala, currently the CEO of Rudra Labs, will lead Aladdin. A team of 22 people spread across Hyderabad, Kuala Lumpur, Manila and Singapore will support him. The outfit will deliver end-to-end from value mapping to concept development to prototyping to final production. It will also close the full customer data-to-sales loop once usage begins.

IoT service

“It’s time that brands go beyond merely campaigns and content to offer IoT utility that creates a new level of value for customers and higher margins for businesses,” said Rajeev Bala, Chief Inventor of Aladdin. “In a world deeply impatient with sales pitches, an IoT based brand value can establish a more meaningful value exchange between people and brands. Aladdin aims to do exactly that.””The future of living resides in a matrix of sensors that work in tandem to simplify and enhance our lives. Hence, we can pack more life in each life,” said Prashant Kumar, Founder and Senior Partner of Entropia. “Aladdin is conceived to enhance brand power by using connected objects to better customer experience as well as solve unmet customer problems. It opens up a whole new world of customer value propositions that have the power to transform many categories.”

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