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Digitization is presently the prominent driving force for businesses around the globe as it automates business processes as well as optimizes business performance. The digital capability drives competitiveness and helps companies make faster and better decisions than ever before. Companies that exercise digital transformation improve not only customer service processes but also create new customer values that deliver a better customer experience. Thus, businesses worldwide seek digital business solutions, resulting in the intensified demand for digital solution providers.

Companies such as Eternal Innovations provide digital business solutions to meet the rising demand. Headquartered in Bangkok Metropolitan and established in 2003, Eternal Innovations helps businesses transform, innovate, and grow in the fast-paced digital world. The company partners with its clients from start to finish and focuses on their needs while producing innovative ideas, developing effective strategies, and designing high-quality, scalable solutions.

Wide Range of Digital Business Platforms

Eternal Innovations (ETi) team works closely with its clients to solve the critical issues facing the clients, both large and small start-ups. ETi offers a wide range of digital platforms with the necessary tools and expertise to help businesses transform, compete, and grow. Ultimately, the company provides a broad range of services and solutions to help organizations facilitate change, achieve their vision, and optimize performance and productivity. The cutting edge solutions offered by the company include,

Digital Transformation Platform:

ETi team has incurred valuable digital transformation experience through working with leading companies and helping them digitize the business processes, customer experience management, customer service processes, the voice of customer analytics, and supply chain management processes.

Customer Analytics and Monitoring Platform®:

The company has put immense efforts into developing the Customer Analytics and Monitoring Platform (CAM®) with the strongest belief that Service is the Heart of Business. CAM® helps firms better manage customer experience and deliver the best value to the customers.

Smart Logistics Optimization and Management Platform:

ETi Smart Logistic Optimization and Management Platform is working with a mission to partnering with a logistics company to digitize Thailand’s trucking and logistics industry. The company has leveraged its plethora of experience to gain an in-depth understanding of key obstacles that prevent many logistics players from competing in the digital world.

With these digital solutions, the company aims to improve social conditions and make the world a better place to live.

Ensuring Utmost Productivity

The COVID-19 pandemic has proved to be a wake-up call for businesses, mainly in business practices and crisis management. The pandemic has caused negative impacts such as budget spending pause, budget-cutting, temporary companies, shops & restaurants closedowns, and a curfew in some countries. However, it has shown several positive impacts as well. In Thailand, business people, owners, and individuals have joined together to share and help each other in every possible way. Moreover, due to the sudden increase in demand for digital solutions, many companies reinvent their business strategies.

Eternal Innovations, too, has adapted to the new normal. Firstly, it exercised the work from home policy for its entire staff. Though it did not have the prior preparation for these working conditions, it was learning by doing experience. In these challenging times, ETi ensured that the team contributes their time and efforts the way they have done before the pandemic. Since controlling the eight-hour working period was difficult, the company inculcated on four main pillars—effective at time management (deadline-driven), trustworthy, open & honest, and reliable—to ensure unparalleled service throughout the crisis.

Proactive and Agile Approach

Since working from home had no attendance tracking, no-time-in, time out of office, ETi’s team struggled a bit in the beginning. Thus, it emphasized effective time management that allowed the teams to start managing their own time and how they work, including how they communicate among themselves and the clients.

To resolve this, the company implemented an agile method to have morning scrum to allow each individual to update, discuss, raise issues, and seek consultation. “It becomes a critical part of daily work. The team enjoys that and creates open and honest communication,” adds Kaew Boonsoontornpat (CEO of Eternal Innovations). Being the CEO, she sets up new standards and rules, particularly for the work from home situation.

ETi wanted to have the same quality and deliverable standards as before the pandemic. Hence it emphasized open communication, accessibility (both from clients and the team), and agility that helps the team achieve and accomplish goals. As the leader, Kaew proactively approaches each individual to inspire, connect, and build a stronger working relationship among the staff.

Gaining a Competitive Advantage

The rise of on-demand and express delivery resulted from the pandemic is expected to shape the future of the logistics industry. Shortly, more logistics companies with manual or legacy systems will have to migrate to a digital application and process automation to gain real-time and end-to-end visibility. The data that incurs from digital applications will be valuable to support decision-making and increase competitive advantage. “We will gain more value by making sense of the data from the logistics application with analytical tools. We will see trends and forecast into the future opportunity by exercising AI-based technology and predictive analytical tools,” asserts Kaew. In the coming years, Eternal Innovations will emphasize turning the data collected via the platform into intelligence and innovations, helping logistics companies perform better and gain a more competitive advantage.

“At Eternal innovations, we combine our insights and skills to transform your processes and strategies, and in turn, your company” Read Full Issue: The Business APAC Unified Logistics Companies 2020.

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