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Direct selling is a retail channel used by global brands and small-to-medium enterprises to market their products and services to consumers. Moreover, it is an excellent option for those who want to gain extra cash, establish their personal business, or whose circumstances do not allow periodic employment. Many direct selling companies quickly enter and exit this industry because either they are underfunded or they lack the expertise and training. The representatives who are working for these companies are the ones mainly affected by this state of affairs.

Dr. Fred Cooper, CEO and Founder of ARIIX, is one of the world’s leading experts in the management of direct selling companies and is passionate about helping others. Through ARIIX, he is restricting the number of casualties in this industry via a unique mergers and acquisitions strategy and making an effort to create a new kind of opportunity that puts the representatives first.

The Foundation of ARIIX

Fred Cooper is a respected leader with a talent to create lucrative opportunities on a global scale. He is the original founder of the Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Utah and has shared his expertise in business by teaching as a professor at the university. Being a true innovator and direct sales forerunner, Fred perceives opportunities where others don’t and has the unique ability to create revolutionary business models that benefit the independent business owner—like the industry-first and patent-pending ACTIV8™ Compensation Plan. Due to his remarkable contributions, he has earned the title of “Top CEO in the World” by Business for Home, the leading industry publication.

The direct selling industry piqued Fred’s interest while he was teaching an advanced statistics class to an accountant whose firm conducted business with a publicly traded multilevel company. The Founder realized that the math was too complicated for them to understand—they required a professor’s help to answer their math questions. He realized that it was a once-in-a-blue-moon opportunity for a math teacher to get a complicated, real-life story problem where he/she has to calculate statistics, finance and math all in one setting in one story problem. It was a challenging task, but Fred was hooked. While solving the issues, he came to realize that working for a direct selling company really expands one’s perception of the different types of business possibilities that are out there. He understood the big picture and decided to bring ARIIX into existence. This is how Fred and other ARIIX Founders created an environment where individuals can win and the average person has a chance to succeed.

Bright Future in the Direct Selling Industry

As a global business leader and entrepreneur, Fred believes that the direct selling industry is a boundless landscape where any individual can become successful. Typically in an organization, not everyone gets to be the CEO, and even if they could, there is always competition. Since there is only one position at the top with the best salary, everybody aims for that position and performs their best to get a promotion so they can advance, increase their paycheck and move up the corporate chain. “It’s a pretty standard formula and you can generally pick out which folks are going to experience success in their career.” On the other hand, in direct selling, there is no such thing as a standard formula to determine which person is going to be successful. There have been plenty of times when even a person with very little education and no background in the industry has achieved success.

Vast Growth and Opportunities in the APAC Region

According to Fred, the direct selling industry is thriving, and many opportunities are emerging for companies. The ARIIX team aims for slow and steady growth—an upward trajectory that’s backed by a firm foundation. “That’s why it’s so phenomenal right now to see this increase year after year,” comments the company’s CEO, Fred Cooper. Further, the visionary leader believes, “What sets us apart is that we have a solid business model that continues to attract independent business owners.” ARIIX has been in Japan for seven years, and still it is counted as one of the best opportunities in the country. Since 2017, ARIIX Japan sales have grown by 47% and independent representatives have increased by 18%. Already in Q3 of 2019, new representatives have increased by 55% and sales are up by 32% as compared to Q1 of 2018. Likewise, ARIIX officially marked its presence in the Australian market and witnessed growth of 37%.

Building Stronger Bonds with Representatives

“I think most people will tell you they love a region when they are making money there, but for us at ARIIX, it means opening our home to individuals who are partnering with us,” comments Fred, ARIIX CEO and Founder. The dynamic leader has witnessed that the Asia Pacific region is very social. He has formed friendships with Japan’s successful young representatives. These representatives are treated like superstars if they are seen having face time with one of the owners. Fred and the ARIIX team value that part of the culture and try to support it whenever they can, spending time with business builders and attending local trainings and events. Fred shares, “To give you an idea of how successful this region is, on July 4, 2019, ARIIX celebrated its eighth year in business with more than 7,000 attendees in Yokohama, Japan. With recent record-breaking sales stemming from this region, Japan offered the perfect location to host ARIIX’s eighth birthday bash.”

An International Opportunity Company Offering Diverse Solutions

ARIIX is a unique and disruptive international opportunity company that creates superior, exclusively branded products marketed through independent representatives. To foster healthy living, the company develops toxin-free products through collaboration with world-renowned experts in the health, wellness and fitness industries. It has built a strong global presence and offers award-winning tools, a patent-pending multiline compensation plan, and a supportive business-building experience, which attracts direct selling companies from all over the world who wish to join forces with ARIIX. The ARIIX opportunity and brands are available in Australia, Canada, Greater China including Hong Kong SAR and Taiwan, Japan, Kazakhstan, Mexico, the Netherlands, UK, France, Belgium, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland and the United States.

Being an international opportunity company, ARIIX partners with famous nutrition, health and lifestyle experts, bringing brands that are on the leading edge of what science and nature can offer. The company develops innovative and efficacious products that fulfill a market need. It offers a diversified product offering with brands that stand on their own and work together. ARIIX utilizes a “house-of-brands” philosophy that allows representatives the freedom to choose the products they wish to align with—the products they are excited to grow their business with.

Fred’s Proudest Career Moments

Being the industry’s most seasoned executive, Fred has acquired prestigious recognition and acknowledgments which he believes are his proudest career moments. He was presented with an honorary professorship during the master’s degree graduation ceremony of the University of International Business and Economics (UIBE) in Beijing last September. He was one of only 40 American recipients of an honorary professorship at UIBE since its inception and the only American recipient in 2018. Now, he is counted among an elite group of international leaders that includes a Nobel Memorial Prize winner, a United Nations official, and the President of BMW China Automotive Trading. This is not all. Fred was also invited as a consultant to the Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation (CAITEC).

Making a Difference in Society

“The Blind Side,” starring Sandra Bullock, Tim McGraw and Quinton Aaron, is Fred’s favorite motivational movie. Why? The film is about an affluent family that steps in and cares for a homeless African American teen. Inspired by the real-life story, Fred wanted to make a difference in someone’s life. Hence, his family is now the legal guardian of a 16-year-old boy who was previously living on the streets. From this personal and highly gratifying experience, Fred has learned that helping others doesn’t have to be complicated, and he is ready to offer aid to others. Fred also cares about his employees and representatives, and takes a personal interest in each one’s success. This compassionate leader believes the world can be a better place if we help others lead the life they were meant to live. “If we just work on one person at a time, just solve a problem for one person at a time, then we are making a difference. And at the end of the day, making a difference in someone’s life is really all that matters,” says the CEO of ARIIX.

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